Saturday , November 28 2020

Wave of discounts and promotions to promote consumption and slow down sales

This is evident from a report from Argentine Central American Business (CAME) made by the consultant Focus Market, who analyzed consumer spending projections by year-end celebrations, the most important in retail.

"The date comes with an earlier 15% downturn in retail trade in November and the 10.1% segment of mass consumption (food, beverages, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene)," explained the director of consulting. Damián Di Pace, in dialogue with Telam.

In this context, the analyst assured that "The retail sector's perspective is to slow down the fall in November and at least have a cash balance this last month of the year, taking into account that sales in December 2017 had grown by only 0.7%."

For Di Pace, December is already experiencing important changes in consumption variables compared to November, which estimates it marked a floor in the fall, determined by the accumulated inflation in September and October, the loss of consumer power and the limitation of credit card spending.

"In December, the payment in several sectors of the compensation bonus and the half-yearly bonus, the incorporation of new joint tranches already agreed in 2018 or due to future increases, and a deceleration process expected to extend in the last month, as a encouraging announcement of the year, "said CAME adviser.

According to the national survey, which covered 7,200 cases, this Christmas 30% of Argentines will turn to the purchase of garments; 24% toys; 13% gift shop and 10% perfume, relegate the rest of the items to participation margins of less than 4%.

At this point, it stands out as the most branched segment of Christmas shopping compared to previous years in electronics, computing and mobile telephony – with a total fall of 7.2% and 21.8 in November – due to a ticket high average as it requires at the end of 2018.

"In general, sales are very tight and families are expected to spend more on Saturday, Sunday and Monday., due to the fact that it will be the moment with the greatest intensity of promotions, discounts and deals on the retail channel, "Di Pace expected.

In this connection, CAME's work revealed it Consumers can access devices up to 30% in appliances and 12 rates without interest for chains and cards; in telephony up to 40% discount on smartphones and 12 rates without interest; and in clothes and footwear up to 25% less.

In toys you can get discounts of 30% and 6 rates without interest from an agreement from The Argentine Toy Industry Department (CAIJ) and Fecoba, while in market segments such as Mercado Libre or, Discounts up to 30% are expected in some products.

Finally, the study also highlights the possibilities of the Caring Prices Program for the purchase of traditional toys and the financing plans Ahora 3 and Ahora 6 of interest-free installments in clothes, footwear and leather goods.

First, the Ministry of Production reported the next Monday Christmas purchases can be made through the Ahora 12 program, which is usually available from Thursday to Sunday.

"The Ministry of Interior added the Ahora program 12 Monday, December 24, so consumers can make their Christmas purchases during the day at 3, 6, 12 and 18 rates," said the statement published today by the Ministry of Production.

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