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What left Gustavo Bous's departure – 01/03/2019

"They must see the best version of Bou, I have no doubt, that's the only thing I can tell you." Eduardo Coudet missed this semester a couple of times, it was clear from what Racing did, but this sentence was one of those blunders. one of the most infamous (next to the return game with the river in the monumental hall.) Yes, it was how big Chacho's error was when asked for the moment Panther crossed, a new reinforcement at that time. Bou to be the player who made the Cylinder come down countless times in his first cycle at the academy, a faded and faded version, a jewel that came from Mexico full of glitter, but it was cushioning with current dates. And until this time it arrived, an unthinkable end back in July when it came to replace Lautaro Martínez, but it began to be evident in the last few months. Gustavo will not continue in Racing in 2019, and although he had six months of contact, he will terminate his contract.

Bouet's only goal in his last race in Racing:

Bou scored the 2nd to the 1st of the academy

The goal of Bou (R). By. Tucumán 0 – Racing 2. Date 1. Superliga 2018/19 (Source: FOX)

A difficult decision, no doubt. To the player who returned with another intention and could never prove himself, but also to the management who had put enormous expectations for his arrival. Six months later, the two parties realized that the situation was not enough. The Panther, with great affection for the academy, asked to speak with the president and expressed his intention to leave the club. He is aware that he has a very high contract, and it is not among the priorities of Coudet, combined with the desire to play and have continuity, and understood that he should go aside. "He told me he didn't want to get money from Racing his game. You must appreciate their attitude and their way of acting," Victor Blanco acknowledged. Olé. Clearly, besides the good intentions that showed Bou, the CD is a relief, because the money invested in was great. In this way, you get rid of a very high contract and even seek to get some of the total loan you had paid. Do they know that the player can become a negotiating chip for a possible operation of Tijuana in Mexico or can be sold (or lent) to other clubs in South America. Today, the most interested U. Católica de Chile, club with Luciano Aued, champion of Concordia in 2014. This, as confirmed in this newspaper, will be completed in the coming hours.

"He told me he didn't want to get money from Racing his game. We need to assess their attitude and their way of acting," recognized Victor Blanco Olé

Racing paid $ 2.3 million for Gustavo Bow's 12-month loan. Before his departure in the middle of the link, the idea is to recover some money.

Unknown and very far from his level, Bous's bike in Racing seemed to be finished in the last matches. In two of them, he did not concentrate on a "pain" in a twin, and lastly, before San Martin de San Juan, he was in the bank, but did not get into what was a clear message from Chacho. Without a personal problem among them, the football problems were pushing them away. Play features, different ways to watch and live football. Even for DT of the Academy, in the search for replacement of Bull, Bou did not even appear on the podium. For that, it was added the lack of pace that the player showed every time the coach gave him a chance. So much so that in five games he lost the job of Jonathan Cristaldo, a player who had not played for six months, but who ran and dived, to exhaustion. That for Coudet is not subject to turnover. Above, before he took the plane to start his holiday, the coach Blanco told him he wanted a nine. To Cvitanich.

It was sung, it came. It's over …

I say / By Fernado Otero (Olé journalist): "That was the stated reinforcement"

With today's newspaper, any estimate made about the second stage of Gustavo Bou in Racing will sound damned. Should pass the sign: Bou left the team after three years with an average close to the target every other game (0.44 average). Frustrated by the goals set by Eduardo Coudet and Diego Milito as priorities for the replacement of Lautaro Martinez, mostly Argentineans valid abroad, created a low-risk reinforcement that met "arriving, wearing the jersey, and games." Perhaps it is necessary to check whether this level of security is enough to set prices (loan and contract value) that were already expensive before signing the agreement … not with today's newspaper.

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