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What to do in Devil May Cry 5 after the end of the campaign? – MeriStation Consoles

Completing the story is just the beginning: completing secret missions, unlocking skills, and more.


It is not surprising that after several months waiting Devil May Cry 5 As of May there are many of you who devour it on your first weekend: We are talking about 15 affordable hours for an action game like this. The good news is that (as in previous installments of the saga) there is probably reserved material for when you finish the campaign, and of course, much playability.

Don't worry, we won't spoil the details of the story here if you're worried about that sort of thing. In fact, there is not and will not be much to destroy: Capcom has already stated it Devil May Cry 5 will not have DLC or content updates beyond the already announced Bloody Palace, which could not be lacking in a DMC, and it will be free for all players.

Endings and rewards

When you finish the game for the first time, you get a number of rewards that we list below. But DMC is a game made to be completed more than once, and we actually encourage you to do so to see the game's secret ending. How Do You Get The Secret End Of Devil May Cry 5? Well, simply, defeat Urizenwhen you face him in the proletariat. Of course, it is very difficult in the first round, but in the second second you get more health and skills to help you. Rewards to End Campaign:

  • New difficulty setting
  • New color for the V-carpet
  • New mockery
  • Nero can use both Devil Trigger and Devil Bringer
  • Three new swords by Dante

Mother of the Lamb: rank S"What is it S rank And why should I take care? "If I were to explain this to someone who never played Devil May Cry, I'd say" completing the campaign is like doing homework, getting S rank in all missions is like passing the whole semester "Of course, if you want to test yourself, you will get a note to reach to be awarded the S-rank: 5,500 styles in each match.

To achieve this score, do whatever is to play any hack slash: dodge and counter-attack as much as possible to maintain a constant and uninterrupted combo during all races. Make sure to supplement your attacks with the Devil Arms, Devil Breakers and invocations.


Unlock all skills

Now I'm sure you've already bought a good amount of skills at Nico's store, but you're even more likely to still have few. Of course, if you are a complete, you want them all, and for that you will need a good handful of red orbs. What is the best method for & # 39; farm &# 039; Red orbs in Devil May Cry 5? Keep up with the trees, enemies, and red fragments that occur from time to time, making sure you don't leave anyone every time you enter a mission because they are the source of more generous orbs.

Perform the secret missions

From time to time you will see that during missions you can finish extra targets and customize the camera to form satanic runes. Although this is a mini-game in itself, the truth is that everyone unlocks secret missions to complete instantly or from the main menu. You must not make illusions to yourself: they are not like the main missions. They are more testing with fighting and fun mechanics that you can try and repeat as much as you want. You get orbs to finish them, which is a double incentive to complete all the secret missions of Devil May Cry 5.

Survive evil in the Bloody Palace

Bloody Palace is a tradition of the series that suggests something very simple: survive all the waves of enemies you can with a single life. How is it unlocked? Well now, in any way: As we told you above, it's a free DLC that comes later. Pay attention to the news.

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