Monday , January 25 2021

What were your colors on Instagram in 2018? This online tool has the answer

Instagram It's always a photo album at your fingertips. Don't look for it in an inaccessible drawer or dust old boxes. Therefore, as other social networks, it is therefore ideal for balances and projects at the beginning of the year.

A tool for Instagram offers a curious way to review what he left in 2018. It's about Year of color as, as his name reveals, shows us what were our favorite colors in this social network.

A colorful year

"It's not just about colors, it's about the memories they generate," says one of the people responsible for this online tool. The mechanics are simple. All the photos you sent on Instagram are reviewed and based on them a mosaic with colors what else is shown in the pictures.

The goal is to reflect our online presence through this particular approach. To get the color card, just go to the website and log in to your Instagram account. Those responsible for the application ensure that they do not access information from users, much less their passwords.

The size of the circles reflects the importance of each color in the images and how many
The size of the circles reflects the meaning of each color in the images and how many "likes" the incoming positions.

Remember that too It is only possible to get information about your own account. In that sense, you will not know which other users' preferred colors, unless they also have access to the tool and reveal their tonality palette.

The mosaic can be generated from Jobs on Instagram in 2018although it is also possible to request details based on other periods. For example, the last month.

Keep in mind that the size of the circles indicates two aspects: How big was the color in the image and how much your followers liked it. "It's a combination of attention and content," he explains. The Verge one of the system creators.

For example, if an image in which blue head has received many "likes", this color will have a particular prominence in the bullet.

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