Thursday , June 24 2021

WhatsApp deletes all messages saved on November 12th: how to avoid it

WhatsApp deletes all messages saved on November 12th: how to avoid it

From November 12, all WhatsApp backups that have not been updated for more than a year will be deleted completely from Google Drive servers and will not be restored.

Most messages are now provided by WhatsApp, which offers the ability to store all conversations, photos, videos or files in Google Drive in the cloud if you do not want to completely eliminate them.

But Google has just announced that backups older than 1 year will be eliminated. And for that reason, they recommend those who want to keep them, make a new copy of messages and files before November 12th.

This action is related to the announcement that the importance of the WhatsApp copy in Google Drive from now on does not affect the total space for the Google tool to handle and save documents in the cloud.

The removal of backups for more than 1 year affects only users of WhatsApp for Android. Because iOS, the operating system for iPhone, makes backups in iCloud.

At the moment, it is unknown if WhatsApp will try to reach a similar agreement with Apple so that the backups do not hold space in the iCloud online storage plans.

So to back up all the WhatsApp conversations on Android, you'll need:


Enter Whatsapp and press Menu -> Settings -> Chat

2) Go to the Backup option.

3) There you need to provide the Google Drive option and choose the frequency we want to save those copies (choose between daily, weekly, or monthly copies) or start a new backup right now.

4) It is also necessary to enter the Google Account where we want to save the backups and choose the type of connection we will use for the copies: mobile network or WiFi signal.

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