Sunday , January 17 2021

Why Jorge Rial decided to stay in "welcoming" and what will be called the new "TVR" that will lead in America

Jorge Rial changed: he had decided to leave unwelcome guests, its flagship on February 28. He announced it to his team. But it was wise not to report it on the air. He confirmed it briefly to some colleagues who heard him and did not go further. Rumored in him the opportunity to stay: they are very close to the program's 20 years, and as he said yesterday at the launch of season 19, his cycle is the best measurement and more bill in America. With the inner family front more quiet, being a grandfather and decided to marry this year with Romina Pereiro, everything closed to continue. And then it will be: Rial will continue to lead his historic show program.

But when the decision was made to leave the bike, we also made progress telecommunications show your intention to do TVR from the hand of his creator, Diego Gvirtz, at the end of the program to open TV and to the channel where the bike was born. Although this time we will see the light with another name.

The project is still ongoing, and Rial's plan is to do so this year, in addition to continuing in unwelcome guests. This also involves their reconciliation Gvirtz, with whom he had been fighting for years. In that channel they did together Pafand things ended badly. The driver dedicated several pages in his autobiographical book, all very hard.

Things have changed almost ten years later, and the driver is faced with new TVR, although this cycle is strictly speaking C5N. When Gvirtz sold its production company PPT to Cristóbal López, title and rights to the program were left to Indalo Group. The producer keeps his team of editors and his archive to make the new cycle, renamed.

Until today it is the preliminary name for the return TV nostra instead of Registered television. And the acronym will be TVN instead of TVR. As always in these cases, changes may occur until the program overflows with the issue of trademarks and patent registrations. But for the moment it is the idea.

While the new program is kitchen. Rial stays in unwelcome guests at least all year round. The next will be the 20th season of the program and it would be a waste to leave it right for the celebration. But even though a year is a lot of time on television, there have been many hinge moments during its cycle, where it seemed that everything would fly through the air – the production of Luis Ventura, the license this year changes in his panel – so the program is in good health.

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