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Why WhatsApp Started to Prevent Message Forwarding to More Than Five People – 12/22/2018

no matter what WhatsApp It meant, at the time of launch, an instant messaging platform for mobile devices, its use (and constant updates) that it became an integrated means of communication and as such a huge black hole of false news. But at least, it seems that Facebook, its owner, began taking some action to prevent the spread of chains and harassment.

If for some reason you tried to forward a message that someone had forwarded, you may not have been able to do so. This is caused by the latest update of WhatsApp for Android, expected to be implemented soon for the iPhone, incorporates a limit on how many times a message can be forwarded: five in total.

Although for some it seems like an inexplicable irritation, it is an attempt to stop the spread of abuse and harassment. In fact, informing us that a message was stubbornly pursuing the same goal. But with this new measure, the bulletin diffusers will become more complicated, their message reproduced massively.

If that message is a photo or video, it must be saved on the phone and sent back as a new message. And in case text messages need to be copied and inserted to send them as a new message. This will partly avoid forced shipping, without thinking about whether the information we got is genuine or not.

WhatsApp began to stop the spread of lies on its platform. (Photo: REUTERS)

WhatsApp began to stop the spread of lies on its platform. (Photo: REUTERS)

The measure too will make it difficult to apply for political parties and other organizations to transfer information. Of course, the sending of memes is also partially stopped. Although the transmission of viral messages is not expected to stop altogether.

Don't forget that the message forwarding feature was activated in 2018. At that time, the transmission of viral messages in the messaging application was more than consolidated.

We must not forget that either lynching happened in India By a chain of kidnapping of children, WhatsApp has already set limits on the retransmission of messages in the Asian country. It was one of the measures taken, but even advertisements appeared in the press.

In any case, even if it is a small stepThe first time WhatsApp works to stop the spread of lies through the application. Do we want to see more measures to limit misinformation? It is possible that yes. Well, no matter how widespread the use of WhatsApp, criticism of the platform intensifies.

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