Wednesday , August 4 2021

With a spectacular goal of "Bebelo" Reynoso beat Boca San Martin 3-1 in Tucumán

A clash of casting that lives completely opposite realities is being developed, within the framework of Super League's 23, on the Citadel stadium. In that case, Boca postpones his good gift before a San Martin de Tucumán, to be added to the dream of duration in the highest category of Argentine football (if he loses, he will come down to the national B). Broadcast Fox Sports Premium. The judge is Mauro Vigliano.

The cast led by Caruso Lombardi was aimed at imposing Boca. He suggested a friction game with few spaces. He blocked the elaboration mechanisms for Alfaro, with the lines well together, pressure not to let the opponent think and much engagement in the fight. The plan meant that the visit did not achieve a dangerous act in the first half of the first half. Right after 23 minutes, with a shot from the Villa after a rebound, he approached Carranza's domains.

In 26 minutes, Santo's push was translated into a goal: Gonzalo Rodríguez dragged Lisandro López, crossed Cruzado, Andreda managed to divert, but Luciano Pons managed to push the net.

But from the goal, with passion, they led Alfaro to throw the ties. In 33 minutes, Buffarini found only Wanchope Ábila, who delayed the check and got the goalkeeper Carranza stuck (so claimed a penalty that did not exist). Revenge was taken at 36 when Buffarini combined with Villa who flooded and executed the search for the former Cordovan hurricane scored 1-1.

Then the two teams could have made a difference in a tour of the round trip development. At 40, Gonzalo Rodríguez again beat Licha Lopez and Andrada rejected the auction. At 44, the Villa tested the reflexes of the San Martin goalkeeper who gave a dangerous rebound, however Wanchope He caught it in an advanced position.

The second started more smoothly and closed. The key had it <em> Bebelo Reynoso. In 13 minutes, the former Talleres drew a goal similar to the third scored Messi in Barcelona's victory against Betis: He immersed in the area to the left and the pair of a rival took out an impossible vaseline that surpassed Carranza resistance: 2-1.

Although San Martin gave him a big scare immediately after the goal (Andrada reacted initially and seconds later, Rodrigo Moreira hit a head across), Reynoso less guarded, product from San Martin failed to keep pace, Boca began to move with greater freedom and roads are hierarchy.

the xeneize, now under the command of Gustavo Alfaro, seems to have found the course after two consecutive goals (3-0 against San Lorenzo and for the same result victory over Deportes Tolima for the second date of the group's zone Libertadores Cup). Those of a Ribera who accumulate five games without a fall have 44 units and if they win, they will be awarded a ticket for the next edition of Copa Libertadores.

As has been the case in recent games, Gustavo Alfaro again appeals to the rotation. If you consider the 11 he had in the victory over the Colombians, Emanuel Reynoso and Ramón Ábila go through Carlos Tevez and Darío Benedetto. In this way, Wanchope's companion is Mauro Zárate.

Ricardo Caruso Lombardi, as in the previous joke of placing hockey bows to stop offensive force xeneize, also make variations. Rodrigo Gómez and Adrián Arregui enter by Juan Orellana and Nicolás Giménez.

San Martin de Tucumán: Jorge Carranza; Hernán Petryk, Lucas Acevedo, Rodrigo Moreira, Oliver Benitez; Rodrigo Gómez, Adrián Arregui, Julián Vitale, Matías García; Gonzalo Rodríguez and Luciano Pons. DT: Ricardo Caruso Lombardi.

Boca: Esteban Andrada; Julio Buffarini, Lisandro Lopez, Carlos Izquierdoz, Emmanuel Mas; Sebastián Villa, Nahitan Nández, Iván Marcone, Emanuel Reynoso; Mauro Zárate and Ramón Ábila. DT: Gustavo Alfaro.

stadium: Citadel
judging: Mauro Vigliano
telecast: Fox Sports Premium

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