Tuesday , November 24 2020

With a video sensation, members of Arriba reminded Argentinos Débora Pérez Volpin

One year after Débora Pérez Volpins death, his former companion of the news Top Argentines they honored her through an emotional video. The clip was issued during the program Two votes led by Marcelo Bonelli, who was also the journalist's companion in the morning's cycle eltrece.

Marcelo Fiasche was the first to leave his testimony from the studio where the news was made: "It is not a chance to be here where we share many years, many anecdotes and special moments." Day by day it showed me friendship is still maintained Because there is no way to go through these corridors and not remember you. "

"I remember her as a woman with extraordinary integrity, a woman of overwhelming strength, a woman full of strength, vitality and a really positive energy, I want to remember her with a quote from De Quevedo:Your beauty will prevail from oblivion"Alejandra Peñalva said.

Débora Pérez Volpin, in the study of Arriba Argentinos.
Débora Pérez Volpin, in the study of Arriba Argentinos.

Nazarena Di Serio and Fernando Confessore, two of the meteorologists of the bike, also left their senses. "I feel evil and a mix of sensations because it is something not to believe in. Time goes by and the daily life is present. Your gift of humanity gave you a different perspective when making a decision, "Di Serio said.

Confessore for his part said that his "memories are wonderful"She added:" She was a great work colleague and an excellent professional. "

Luis Otero was the last of the video and demanded Justice: "When I got the news, I couldn't believe it and a year passed and you can't believe it. There is still no definitive answer, there are things that generate pain but the thin man deserves we remember it in another way. It's fairness to her that we remember her with a smile".

The memory of Marcelo Bonelli

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