Saturday , November 28 2020

With the new dollar, the field went out to wind up larger volumes

The campaign will have 31 million tons according to the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange. The delivery of grain came hand in hand with the season of the harvest year

Some 15,000 trucks entered Gran Rosario's main port this week, with the majority being loaded with corn and soybeans. The same happened in San Lorenzo, Puerto San Martín and Timbubes, according to data from the Rosario Stock Exchange.

The delivery of grain came in handy with the season of the harvest, but gained the strength of the government's definitions that the dollar would remain just over $ 40, despite the shock that took it to $ 43.50. Last week

"The influx of grain to ports is the product of abundant corn and soybean harvest", said Horacio Busanello, director of HB Consulting at Perfil newspaper. "It is starting to be perceived in March, but it will intensify from next month," he added. In this way, "the supply of dollars from exporters will be very important in the period April-July."

The 18-19 campaign will have 31 million tons according to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), another $ 8 billion.

"As was the case with the fine harvest, good sales of the producer's rough production are expected. The uncertain economic position in the field, product of the previous poor harvest, forces manufacturers to accelerate their sales to counter last year's debt as well as the commercial and financial commitments of the current campaign, "Busanello said.

"There is more volume, and for the previous bad year, there is a need to settle a lot, which will contribute to exchange stability in the coming months," explained the Director of Portfolio Personal Inversiones, Matías Roig.

US $ 60 million sales announcement Pr. Day of the Treasury under the agreement with the IMF and the definition of the holder of BCRA, Guido Sandleris, to maintain the zero issue and maintain the high interest rates also contributed to the table.

"There is a season due to the liquidation, Argentina is still bound to international fluctuations, and if there is no political noise due to the definition of candidatures, stability is expected in May and June," Roig added.

"By using the liquidations in 2017 as a reference, it can be expected that the intermediate difference in the income of dollars from the agro-industry will be significant between March and May this year," a report from the Ieral-Fundación Mediterránea said.

Some operators found that between what comes there are also some of what is being collected. The good results this year could also go to silo bolsa.

"The biggest harvest this year will not necessarily translate into the sale of the whole stock of grain to traders, although the end of the first batches being harvested will be sold quickly to cancel debt, the amount of gross generating profits will be. that will be added to the offer based on each producer's money needs and market attractiveness, "says HB Consulting.

According to the data from the Ciara-CEC, liquidations in January and February this year fell 6.6% and 6.4% year-on-year, according to the analysis by Joaquín Berro Madero de Ieral, which in any case predicts an improvement from this month.

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