Sunday , November 29 2020

With the presence of Florencia Peña among the public, Laurita Fernández in Mar del Plata debuted with "Sugar"

Laurita Fernández finished his first season as a jury Bailando but far from taking a break in the last days of the year with his girlfriend, Nicolás Cabré, your family or your friends, the dancer traveled to Mar del Plata for debut of sugar in the spa town.

Laurita's successful work Federico D & # 39; Elijah and Victorio D & # 39; Alessandro It was his debut in the summer season to full house at the Neptune Theater.

The dancer could not enjoy Cabré's company – although it is not excluded that he will see her at some point in the season – but he had The presence of Florencia Peña between the publicwith whom she became a very good friend during her work as a member of the jury Bailando.

The actress is on holiday in Merry with his family As you can see in the pictures, he went to see the work with his older children, John and Thomas tuberousthere He showed up with his girlfriend, Juanita Tinelli.

In addition, the dancer promised it will be present at the onset of his next work, cabaret, in April at Liceo Theater.

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