Until now, if you wanted to use the Xiaomi home appliances ecosystem, you would have to do so by importing the units sold in China. It has a great disadvantage at an aesthetic and practical level, and that is why it was necessary use an adapter for the Mi Gateway, the axis for all the connections between these devices connecting to WiFi and acting as a link to the rest of the sensors.

Now, as we read in npirtube, and We can find the Xiaomi home automation package compatible with European connectors and therefore of Spain. But not only that, but now this version is compatible with the servers here You do not need to have the Mi Home application partially in Chinese, as of now.


In that kit, which is available on Amazon city 80 eurosIn addition to the "switchboard", there are two motion sensors, two closed doors and window sensors, and a temperature and humidity sensor.

from Hipertextual We have contacted Xiaomi Spain and even though they recognize it The products are original from XiaomiAt present, they do not distribute it through the official sales channels at least in Spain. Therefore, the Amazon imports the seller from another market with these connectors.

Although these units have not yet been officially found in Spain, and since Xiaomi has not provided us with more details about it, it is expected to be available in Europe, making this landing at some point. It is therefore We can say goodbye to the use of adapters and the server in mainland China to automate our home with Xiaomi devices.

This picture will soon be history, probably.