Saturday , November 28 2020

Belinda Medlyn, Bodene Thompson, Todd Greenberg, Sunday Night

In the aftermath of an NRL off-season, where sex tapes have been released and the players are accused of and charged with serious crimes, a number of women involved have spoken out.

In a series of interviews at Seven Network's Sunday Night program with reporter Steve Pennells, women from both NRL and AFL circles revealed their shocking treatment in the hands of football players.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg admitted that he has seen some of the videos in circulation, including one where an alleged NRL player has his foot on the back of a woman's head and said he is "horrified" but there was no evidence that the sex was unanimous.

"When I look at it, I'm horrified, I'm a teenage's father," Greenberg said.

"We need to make sure where there is consent and what is illegal – and if there is no consent, we will act in the strongest terms, like the law."

But Greenberg is accused of not responding to an email from Belinda Medlyn, a former Penthouse Pet and stripper who had a relationship with and a child of former NRL star Bodene Thompson.

That relationship began with a salacious tryst at a Townsville nightclub, where she put the notion of having a triangle with Thompson and another man.

In her story she claims that Thompson then gave her pictures of her teammates so she could see who she wanted to have group sex with.

Medlyn remained fully aware that she played a role in the scenario that played out, but now, later and with a child, she admits that it left her feeling like an "object".

"I was an object," Medlyn said.

"A toy among his friends to show up with," because see what this chick should do "

"I knew what I was doing so I understand my part in all this.

"It was about to show – it was something they thought they were getting excited about."

Medlyn ended up getting pregnant, and the paternity test said the baby was "99.9999 percent father of my unborn child Hendrix".

And while recordings heard an off-camera, Thompson apparently played the role of proud father of his newborn as he could be heard to say "hello my boy, you open your eyes right now, hello my son", the relationship soon became sour with Medlyn is seeking support from NRL and Thompson's club.

She said she sent an email to NRL and his club with all the content of the relationship, group sight, child and child payment issues – she claims she was faced with a threat in response from Thompson's lawyers.

"I got no answer (From NRL)," Medlyn said, but she got one from Thompson's lawyers.

"I was threatened if I had to go ahead with this (interview) that I confronted jail to tell my side of the story."

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg says he was not aware of that, but that he had read Medlys email.

"This email was sent to me and forwarded to our integrity as you would expect," said Greenberg, but later did not say he was aware of the threats allegedly made to Medlyn.

With regard to Thompson, he was asked if he undone his behavior and simply gave an answer.

"It's all been dealt with," Thompson said.

While Greenberg took his position on recording and sharing sex videos from the players former NRL star Todd Carney, who has been at the center of lots of scandals, but no one was sexual, said he believed the women involved would know that the videos were taken.

"Everyone knows it's not on, and the players will be disappointed in themselves," Carney said.

"You shouldn't be (do it), but in some of the videos the girls don't say anything.

"I do not accept the videos, but in some of the videos you see the girls, there is a video being taken and they are fine with it."

While the NRL was in focus, AFL also received no light, as a woman claimed she and a friend were recently admitted by AFL players without their consent.

The woman named Cindy told seven her story of going home with two footy players.

"These two guys immediately started taking their clothes and maybe about 1 hour in yes (they started filming us)," she said.

"My girlfriend shouted out stop videoing."
And though they may have stopped, she thinks the players would have shared the video, but left a plea for them.

"I don't know how many people (have seen it).

"I just want to know that everything you've taken off me is deleted. Do the right thing for me."

The new demands come after what has been a shocking off season for the NRL in particular, who has seen the code lurch from one crisis to another.

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