Tuesday , November 24 2020

MAFS Bride Martha Reveals Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Makeover

If you thought Married at First Sight's Martha was reminding you of a certain US reality star, don't worry about it.

During Tuesday night's episode the makeup artist rattled off a list of plastic surgeries and procedures she had done to her "husband" Michael.

Revealing he had a broken nose straightened, Michael asked Martha whether she had any work done.

"I like to look good and whatever it takes so definitely had some plastic surgery," she said.

"Not going to have had my boobs done, I had a nose job, I had Botox, I had a bit of filler.

"I've got fake nails, I've got my hair chemically straightened. It matters to me – I look good, I feel good. ”

Surprised by Martha's admission, Michael said he would not look at you and think you had all that done.

"She made some changes to her face and body, but she still looks natural," he told producers. "That's the most important thing to me is that my partner is naturally beautiful."

During an interview with A Current Affair last week Martha admitted she was influenced by Kim Kardashian.

"Everyone's inspired by Kim … She's hot," Martha said.

Martha is the only fan of Kim, with Michael counting his new wife he couldn't keep his eyes off here.

"I do feel sexual chemistry between us, I get to see you in your bikini and it's, I'm going to be honest, it's hard to look away … Your body is fantastic," he told Martha.

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