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NBA – How Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Golden State Warriors Go Forward


HOUSTON – During the hours leading to Draymond Greens first public commentary on Monday's event with Kevin Durant, Golden State Warrior's staff was worried about how Green would handle things. Would he show remorse? Would he go back to Durant after Durant's odd comments about their relationship after Tuesday's match?

So far, all the great strikes of what happened on Monday night have been known. In and after – a hard overtime loss for LA Clippers, Green and Durant came in a heated verbal disagreement. The unanswered Marc Spears reported that Green was "questioning two-hour NBA Finals MVP's loyalty with his forthcoming free agency." All questions and intrigues that had been built in the past half and a half bubbled over during a game where the Warriorsna – played without Stephen Curry – fought hard down the line.

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During a two-minute monologue after shooting night where he never actually apologized for anything, Green would not even understand why this was the moment that broke the façade, just to say that his feelings got the best of him.

But by offering a long statement saying that Warriors will grow stronger from the incident – and by failing to raise follow-up questions during his post-shootaround session with reporters – Green wondered to say something that could potentially harm more teams.

"You know, at the end of the day, as I said earlier, what Kevin decides for, regardless of Klay [Thompson] decides to do, no matter who decides to do, we had big years together, "said Green." And I wholeheartedly support 100 percent. For like a man, like a human being, you have the right to do what you want with your life. So I will never question it. "

Greens word Thursday echo comments he made earlier this season.

When the season 2018-19 began, Green said that Durant's forthcoming free agency would not have any impact on what Warriors achieved this season.

Green knows, after all, the role he and Durant have played for each other during the last two seasons as teammates. When Green was riled up, Durant was there with soothing words. And when Durant needed a pep talk, it was green that usually knew what he would say. Earlier this season, Green said he was not worried about the future because he wanted to focus on Durant's current and Warriors ability to become the first team to win three straight NBA championships since the early 2000s Los Angeles Lakers.

So why was Green, who knows better than anyone, how Durant's mood sometimes can move, did not worry about the issues that would come?

"Because nothing else says or believes affects us," Green said to ESPN a few weeks ago. "We have enough for us to handle and sort through than worrying about what everyone should say. And there is no one who can come in between this group of guys. So we do not think" Man, KD is to New York ? Nah, what are we going to do tomorrow? And what should we do today? We try to meet these days and fulfill this year. "

Draymond Green is in his seventh year with Golden State Warriors after being drafted in the second half of 2012. Troy Taormina / USA Today Sports

Greens Point was the same as the organization has said publicly since the start of the training camp, despite the ongoing concern in all parts of the team that Durant can leave at the end of this season. But as Green got to roll that day at Warrior's training facility for a few days during the regular season, he was convinced that nothing could come between Durant, his decision and the rest of the team this season.

"You worry about next year when it comes here," said Green in the previous conversation. "Or the summer when it comes here, but right now we have to meet everything we are trying to do this year. And yes, yes there is a good balance and we all hold each other in control. But I think the most important thing about all this is that we Everyone knows we got each other back. And because everybody – a guy has his back, no matter what situation it's, you'll get through it, because I know at the end of the day this guy has my best interest. And that's important . "

This is what the organization is now in for the next seven months: In the wake of Monday's cruelty every game – every exchange – will be reviewed. Green understood well before Monday's event that winning and losing will never be a clear decisive factor in the future. In Greens sense, Durant's decision will be based on where he feels most comfortable. Green knows that winning a third straight title will be special, but it will not guarantee Durant will return.

"I do not think winning or losing eliminates anything," said Green in that conversation. "It will not either. At the end of the day you make the decision that you feel best suits you in your life. And you go on. No matter what situation it is. If that situation is signed, obviously, I live here, good, we go Further, we move on. If that situation is "Man, I feel I need to go somewhere else for all reason," at the end of the day, it does not matter what the reason is. It's your life. And we support you. And that's what it is.

"This is no marriage, neither of us are married to each other. You must – the decision you make should suit you best. Because if you make a decision to come back here because you think it suits us best and it suits you you're not the best, it's going to fall apart. "

Thursday was the culmination of a strange four day stretch for a team that appears to have reached an early season break. The only problem for the rest of the league is that's not how the warriors see it.

Green certainly said the team would win more matches soon enough, and then another championship. Klay Thompson predicted that warriors could bounce back Saturday night in Dallas. For a coach who has seen almost anything the NBA has to offer, Steve Kerr projected the kind of positivity that can only come from experience when a team is back against the wall. He believes his group will heal and grow from this incident, a belief that is shared in a locker full of players who are keen to put the last week behind them.

"Every team is different," said Kerr. "It's kind of what makes it fun. I look at each season, every team is like a living breath of breath – like an organism. And I know this sounds, but that's the truth. And you have to care for them, you must go through each season and address the general general well-being of your team. You have to do it as a player. That's why it's so valuable to have veteran players in your team. That's why we've had Zaza [Pachulia] and David West, Andre [Iguodala], Shaun [Livingston], you need players who know things will happen – and trust me, it happens to everyone, every year, every team. It has happened to every team I've ever been on and you handle it.

"And every team is different. You have to be the reason why you can move on. The reason is the key to everything and we have a strong foundation. That's why we'll be fine."

As tough as the last few days has been on Warriors, Green and his teammates continue that the golden state dynasty will not crack just because of a bad argument – something both Green and Kerr made clear in their postage comments Thursday.

While Green acknowledged, he played "terribly" and struggled to find a rhythm in a loss of 107-86 to Houston Rockets, he did his best attempt to help design what had been a tense situation. Unlike Durant, the reporters told him not to ask him about the incident again, it was green, a few moments later, which made the light of the past few days, describing the ongoing pain he felt in his toe. It was a sharp contrast to the way the night began, when the usually jovial playroom pulsating music was mostly quiet and independent before the group's worst performance for the season.

What can not be exaggerated in the short and long term is how much of a power's curry presence may be in healing the fractures caused by the green and durant dust-up. Curry was not in L.A on Monday, but there he was Thursday night and sat on the bench together with Green, Durant and DeMarcus cousins. Even against a blowout loss against a Rockets team that nearly closed Warriors in the Western Conference final last spring, the organization shared a better joint with Curry there.

"He has respect for everyone in the organization, on the team – he is very wise," said Kerr of Curry. "He's a guy we're counting on keeping things rolling. I've said so many times. Steph is the short Tim Duncan." After playing with Tim and having gone through all sorts of things in San Antonio, Pop would say that we went through anything – Pop would not tell you, but we went through all sorts of things. When you have a guy like Tim Duncan, when you have a guy like Steph Curry, the whole world gets easier. "

The war is at the center of a coarse patch that also occurs in the strongest unions. How they respond from this time forward sets the tone for the rest of the season. Back before the argument between Green and Durant that will be at the core of this group's present and future, it was important that Durant made the best decision for himself in his professional relationship, otherwise risking everything collapsed.

"So it's not about winning or losing," said Green. "It's about where do you feel that you are in your life and what suits you best. And whatever it is, it's what it is."

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