Friday , October 22 2021

Perth dad goes out during the family trial


"By the end of April 2015, the father sent a number of emails and text messages to the mother.

"Many were insulting. In others he said he loved her and wanted to talk and unite. The mother did not try to answer.

"One of the text messages listed:" And now I set up your page. I do not hurry, I wait until I have 100 pictures up and then send to each damn [business executive] I know. Unfair. & # 39;

"The mother understood it to mean it because she was [a business executive], the father would send links to websites to people she worked with, so that she could see her in clear pictures. "

At one point, the mother's parents received photographs of her naked in her mailbox.

In an email sent to his daughter, he referred to his former partner's family as "ugly people".

"Your grandmother and grandfather have been behind this all the time. They have always understood that I see them for the empty vessels they are. They are ugly people. They financed this case. They want to [your mother] all for themselves, and now they have succeeded in kidnapping you too.

The threats that were made against the woman were reported to the police.

The threats that were made against the woman were reported to the police.Credit:AFR

"They are disgusting, and one day you will be filled with the same disgust that I am currently filled with. They are empty, abominable, envious, ugly evil little people, and you will see it in the next few years.

"They've ruined your family by not telling your mother that lies do not have space in a loving relationship. They are just liars, and you remember that your mother is an unconventional liar too."

The court also heard about the man's previous conduct in court, including outbreaks of both his ex-partner and her lawyer.

"For the most part, the father was scary to the mother. He told her, he raised his voice, swung his breath and openly in court. At one point he called her a" lying f-king of honor ", they said.

"On several occasions the father was aware of his behavior in court, which meant that he raised his voice and used bold language."

The court heard, despite the loving relationship of man with her daughter, it would be in her best for her to stay in her mother's care.

"[The daughter] Enjoy most time with the father and the attention she receives from [the father], Says the judgment

"It is likely that she will keep a good memory of him and it would be useful for her to maintain a relationship with him.

"I therefore think it's in [the daughter’s] best interests that she receives letters and gifts from her father and keeps her father informed of her progress and important issues concerning her welfare and education. "

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