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Tasmanian teachers plan more strike over wage negotiations


November 13, 2018 11:42:49

Tasmanian teachers will hit school during the month, their second round of stopping work this year.

School staff are part of the escalating industrial action taken by government employees who negotiate new business agreements.

Teachers will attend 45-minute punching meetings in 17 places around the state over two days.

Meetings in the north and northwest will be Tuesday 27 November and the meetings in the south will be Wednesday 28 November at 9.00.

The industrial action will affect schools, colleges and TAFE, with most employees expected to be back at work at 10.30 on these days.

The Australian Education Union said the Tasmanian education minister would have to decide if the schools would close in the morning.

Trade unions want government government to settle a 2 percent pay rise that has existed since 2011, claiming that the state can now afford to pay more public employees.

But the government has been reluctant to count on pay, and the two sides have been in a deadlock for weeks.

About 65 schools were forced to close early last month when public officials, including teachers, correctional officers and nurses stopped working to attend afternoon performances.

Other public unions will not beat the same day as teachers and school staff this time, but members of the community and public sector union, the Health and Society Union, the United Firefighters Union and the Australian Workers Union are expected to hold their own stop work in December.



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