Friday , December 4 2020

The SHOCK cause MAFS star Rhyce Power was rejected from the Sydney club

Not a fan of Rhyce Power's comprehensive tattoo collection? Nor was this swanky Sydney bar!

When Jessika Power's big brother Rhyce and 2018 Bachelor of Paradise star Eden Schwencke arrived at Pelicano, a nightclub in Sydney's exclusive Double Bay, he didn't expect what happened next.

According to Daily Telegraph, bouncers rejected the construction worker-turned aspiring model because of his serious collection of body art.

"The security did not like the appearance of his neck and arm tattoos, and he had nothing to cover them up – so he was denied security," a source told the publication of the incident that happened on a recent Saturday night.

But Rhyce says being shown the door is nothing new. He told Daily mail after the incident "Being denied access to night clubs or convicted of my tattoos is something I've been dealing with for some time, it's disappointing that it still happens.

"For me it is my art, and it is unfortunate that others cannot recognize it."

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