Tuesday , January 19 2021

vivo announces its own submarket called iQOO

New Year, new Chinese sub-brand. Just a week after the lunar new year, the vivo iQOO Mobile Phone brand introduced a futuristic teaser. The official website of the company is iqoo.com, but when you open it at the moment, it has some information about vivo and nothing about the new company.

If you cannot read "iQOO", you are not alone. Brandet's Weibo account asked a question "Do you know how to read our name" and in three hours it collected over 1,300 comments.

Neither the parent company nor the sub-brand say anything about devices, but tomorrow tomorrow sends an actual iQOO smartphone to a lucky follower so we can be lucky to see it.

We believe that the iQOO phones can be targeted as premium gaming devices, similar to what ZTE is trying to do with its Nubian Red Magic devices. Then there is Realme spinoff from Oppo, which acts as a market disturbance due to its low prices.

The last split we saw was Redmi, which separates from Xiaomi and goes alone with the note 7. Time will tell what iQOO & # 39; s purpose is, but until then we enter into the comments with your suggestion on how iQOO is pronounced.

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