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Acute disseminated Enzephalomyelitis: Smaller Jungs lie on Hirnschwellung in Koma

Head lashes: You may be innocent, but you can even say a bad illness.

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The one-eyed Ellis Artist from England hates Headache – hours of hard-to-clean time to empty. Diagnosis of the anxiety: disruptive.

Headache – and nothing bad. Join the little Ellis Artist from the British Commune Clayton, who makes a wonderful story.

Young people have to overcome – thank you for the disorderly diagnosis

When the sixth anxiety February with headgear came to rest, his mother gave Sarah a glimpse. Whenever the British news portal The Sun reports, the youngsters were better off. At night you will find Kopfschmerz zurückstretched out in the neck. Ellis must succumb.

Ellis Eltern Sarah and Paul Artist brought the little ones who mutilated a viral infection. When Sustand is getting worse, they sighed a children's clinic. Here, Ellis Antibiotics is abused, so those treated males will mutilate a viral Meningitis. After another MRT (magnetic resonance imaging – image-bound cleaning, mitigation and imaging of the organs), the obscure diagnosis: A worn-out problem spreads to smoking, which has to put the young ones into artificial coma. This measure should relieve the brain and destroy the healing.

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Acute disseminated Enzephalomyelitis Urine for swelling in the brain

The swelling is resolved by an acute disseminated Enzephalomyelitis: a rare, distinct disease of central nervous systems, which most of all causes childhood and up to four weeks of virus infection. In the autoimmune disease, the corpse combats healthy, healthy cells.

If little Ellis has a very healthy word or an infection is a hindrance to follow, it is undesirable. Signal electricity is located at the home of the sick and hope that they can be caught from the coma.

Friends and family have gathered more than 4,000 Pfund for Ellis, to facilitate a possible medical treatment.

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