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Alpine Ski World Cup live ticker: Super G of men in Are

Updated February 06, 2019, 13:56

Second competition day at the Alpine Ski World Championships in Are. At 12:30 the man's Super G. Beat Feuz from Switzerland opens it. 70 drivers reported. Germany's hope rests primarily on Josef Ferstl. The winner of the Kitzbühel Super Giant Slalom carries the starting number 15.

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1:56 pm: Thanks for choosing our live ticker today. At this point we draw a line during an exciting and exciting race. Dominik Paris in front of the riders Johan Clarey and Vincent Kriechmayr win. Austria and France receive their first medal at this World Cup, Italy already the second medal. DSV is happy with sixth place for Josef Ferstl and 15th place for Dominik Schwaiger. The strongest teams today were those from Italy and France. Tomorrow is in day of rest for medal. Stay and roads Have a good day. See you soon.

13:54 clock: Too bad. Schmid resigns after only half a second back in the first space after just under a minute's run at his World Cup premiere.

1:52 pm: Place 26 for von Appen. All in one area now. What is Schmid doing?

1:52 pm: The German-born Chilean Henrik von Appen is also a regular guest at larger events.

13:50 pm: Dane Christopher Faarup is again faster than Meiners and lands in 24th place.

13:50 pm: Maarten Meiners from Holland is in position 25, names that you have not heard so often.

13:48 clock: Phew, the Swedes! Felix Monsen is again three hundredths a second faster than Koell. Chapeau!

13:48 clock: The first Swedish, Alexander Koell, gathered in a big 19th place, only eight hundredths of a second behind Beat Feuz!

13:47 pm: We are waiting for number 41, Manuel Schmid, for the last German. That's how we stay with you.

13:46 pm: For Serbian Marko Vukicevic, the route is too heavy. He leaves As the tenth runs today.

1:45 pm: Canada's Brodie Seger lands in 22nd place just before compatriot Crawford.

13:43 pm: Miha Hrobat is now third Slovenian. Only Martin Cater has seen the finish line.

13:42 clock: Jack Gower from the UK lands on 23rd place right in front of Marsaglia.

13:41 clock: Crawford only 22, 3.93 seconds behind Paris. But last, not the Canadian. Because Marsaglia has gone to the finish and arrived there with almost seven seconds left.

1:40 pm: Josef Ferstl still excellent sixth, Dominik Schwaiger super 15th, above all: right in front of Aksel Lund Svindal and clearly ahead of Beat Feuz. These are big names.

13:38 clock: James Crawford from Canada will follow Benjamin Thomsen. Crawford's compatriot is currently 17.

13:37 pm: First, Fourth, and Eighth: The Italian men are barely behind their women yesterday.

13:36 pm: Casse was motivated, surprising at eight, coinciding with Nyman, half a second behind Paris.

13:35 pm: Mattia Casse from Italy carries car number 30. His compatriot Dominik Paris will soon have gold in today's race.

13:34 pm: 18th place for talent from Austria. But ÖSV has so far a silver thanks to Kriechmayr.

13:33 pm: Danklmaier will not be surprised today.

13:33 pm: Daniel Danklmaier from Austria surprised Kitzbühel on Streif in downhill in fifth. And today?

13:32 pm: Good twelfth place for Cater. The first Slovenian in the ranking.

13:32 pm: Martin Cater from Slovenia.

13:31 pm: Thomsen pushes in front of Feuz in 15th place, seven hundred seconds faster than the Swiss.

13:30: The only Canadian to date, Dustin Cook, did not end.

13:29 pm: Marsaglia curse as a scavenger! And Benjamin Thomsen from Canada has left.

13:28 clock: And now Marsaglia is also out.

13:28 clock: No. Marsaglia is far away.

13:27 clock: Has Matteo Marsaglia been inspired by his fast sister Francesca? She was the Super-G seventh yesterday.

13:26 pm: Just above the. Twelfth, 0.64 seconds behind Paris.

13:25 pm: Allegre also attacks the top ten.

13:25 pm: Nils Allegre from France, a team that has convinced today.

13:24 clock: He is exactly tenth, only three hundredths of a second behind the compatriot Nyman.

13:23 clock: Cochran-Siegle is still on tenths.

13:23 clock: And with Ryan Cochran-Siegle another American boy.

13:22 pm: Until now. Nyman surprised in eighth, just half a second behind Paris. Strong.

1:21 pm: Ganong is eliminated. So the United States does not have a result today.

13:20: What can the experienced American Steven Nyman do? A surprising bag, already 36 years old.

13:19 clock: We do not have to deal with other Slovenian Klemen Kosei. He is out, as well as his compatriot Bostjan Kline.

13:18 pm: Schwaiger class! Tenth with only 0.67 seconds behind. Ferstl was fixer with 28 hundredths of a second.

13:17 clock: He shortens him. Schwaiger can surprise and be faster than Ferstl.

13:17 clock: Schwaiger rallied behind 0.47 seconds.

1:16 pm: Ferstl is sixth, 39th hundredths of a second behind presumably gold medals Dominik Paris.

1:15 pm: Starting number 21, the second German follows, Dominik Schwaiger.

13:14 clock: France at two, five and seven. This team performance is reminiscent of the surprisingly strong Italians yesterday.

13:13 pm: Adrien Theaux is really gas in the lower range and runs before Ferstl in fifth place, two hundredths of a second.

13:12 clock: Twelve drivers have come through so far. In addition, Paris leads Clarey and Kriechmayr before the same time.

13:11 clock: Seven runners outside! It shows how difficult this course is to run.

13:11 clock: And also for Reichelt it is over after a weak split time.

13:10 clock: With Hannes Reichelt one of the most experienced participants follows. The Austrian has already won in Kitzbühel on Streif. He was also world champion twice in Super-G. 38 years old. The oldest driver on the net today. Last year in Super-G in Are third.

13:09 from: No medal to Innerhofer today, but fourth place, four hundredths of a second ahead of Ferstl.

13:08 from: Innerhofer can deliver to the point when it comes to medals. He showed it again and again.

13:08 from: Six drivers have since left. And Christof Innerhofer, also a promising candidate, is on the slopes.

13:07 pm from: After a good first break, Caviezel must swing out. Herber's setback for the medal hopes for the Swiss.

13:06 from: With Mauro Caviezel, the Swiss still has an iron in the fire. No one from Switzerland is higher in the Super G World Cup.

13:05 from: In the end, Odermatt is 42 hundredths a second faster than Feuz and Siebter.

13:04 from: Junior World Champion Odermatt is on its way in the Ferstl area.

13:04 from: Marco Odermatt from Switzerland follows. Feuz is ranked eighth in the best.

1:02 pm from: Fourth! Like Rebensburg yesterday!

1:02 pm from: Ferstl is there.

1:02 pm from: What is Germany's hope for Josef Ferstl?

1:02 pm from: Clarey in the second, Roger in the fourth: Women's disappointment yesterday compensates the French today.

13:01 clock: Madness! Clarey at the same time with Kriechmayr in second place!

1:00 pm: Only eight riders in goal, as number 14 veteran Johan Clarey comes from France. He is already 38 years old, but still in good shape.

12:58: Oh no! And then he also fails. Just for a jump. Austria was best in a short time.

12:58: Mayer with the best split time.

12:57: Matthias Mayer from Austria already has Olympic gold in Super-G in his pocket and downhill. One of the favorites.

12:56: Ganong confirms his modest season and resigns as fourth driver. The standard rate is already huge today.

12:55 pm: Yesterday, an athlete won from the United States. It is Mikaela Shiffrin's compatriot Travis Ganong's trip.

12:54 pm: Not today. With 0.92 seconds behind Paris, Svindal is fifth.

12:54 pm: Svindal has won world championship gold five times, but never in super-G.

12:53 pm: Yesterday, Svindal absorbed the World Cup atmosphere as a spectator at Women's Super-G. At the end of the season will be facing him.

12:52 pm: Jansrud and Kilde, on the other hand, form the tail of the field in the sixth and seventh.

12:51 pm: Norges Aksel Lund Svindal is one of today's best runners ready to attack Paris' time. Svindal's compatriot Sejersted is a strong third at the moment.

12:50 pm: Cook's mistake fits into the picture of his failed trip. The third driver who missed a goal today.

12:48: Cook is cooked by the course and has nothing to do with awarding the medals.

12:48: With Dustin Cook comes the first Canadian. In 2017 in St. Moritz won his compatriot Erik Guay gold and Manuel Osborne-Paradis won the bronze in Super-G for Canada.

12:47: At the end, though, Kriechmayr misses an aggressive drive nine hundredths of a second on Paris

12:47: Vincent Kriechmayr won last year's World Cup finals in Super-G in Are. Now it's valid!

12:46: Feuz is thus out of the medals.

12:45 pm: Only nine hundredths of a second behind Roger. Sejersted is in third place.

12:45 pm: He could put second place Roger in second place.

12:44 pm: With the eight next Norwegian. Adrian Smiseth Sejersted.

12:43 pm: Jansrud also ends up in fourth place right in front of his farmer Source. The Norwegians go empty-handed.

12:42 pm: Kjetil Jansrud, after his fall in Kitzbühel with screws in his hand. It's a bad handicap.

12:42 pm: As of yesterday: The view facilitated quickly.

12:41 pm: He was at the gate over. Kline falls outside the assessment. The other one runs to Tumbler.

12:40 pm: Attention at Bostjan Kline from Slovenia. A secret favorite.

12:39: Disappointment for Source. He is 1.63 seconds behind the weakest so far. Only the fourth.

12:39: Wrong turn. Paris will move forward.

12:38: Alexander Aamodt Source, the first of the strong Norwegians.

12:38: Roger regains underneath and drives to another with 0.41 seconds ahead of Feuz.

12:37 pm: Roger finished seventh in Kitzbühel, but now loses tenths of a tenth.

12:36 pm: Roger drove in the Paris area.

12:36 pm: Brice Roger from France is now allowed to play. Race number four.

12:35 pm: Paris is exactly one second faster than Feuz's goal. It's a world.

12:34 pm: Paris expands its leadership to 78-hundredths of a second.

12:34 pm: Dominik Paris is already much faster than Feuz.

12:33 pm: Tumbler selects one for direct line and outputs.

12:32 pm: Disillusionment for Switzerland. Thumbs are outside. After the best split time. Feuz leads.

12:32 pm: The start interval is currently two minutes.

12:31 pm: 1: 25.20 minutes. Tumbler is the next runner. Also a Swiss.

12:31 pm: Feuz time is already a guide.

12:30: The race is running.

12:29: Feuz is in the starting house.

12:28: Four drivers are allowed per Land, as well as the defending champion. But Erik Guay from Canada – as already mentioned – since November 2018 is no longer active.

12:27: With start number 15 comes the first German and one with the best chance of winning a medal: Josef Ferstl. The 30-year-old has won the youngest Super-G in Kitzbühel.

12:26 pm: Once again, the first three riders who open the race in a few minutes will: Beat Feuz and Thomas Tumler from Switzerland, followed by Italian Dominik Paris.

At 12:25 The main hope, even today, is that none of the runners must be hurt. Deficiencies will be inevitable. But if they do, they should go off easily.

12:22 pm: The hosts from Sweden must wait a long time until one of them enters the race. With number 36 comes Alexander Koell, right after his compatriot Felix Monsen. The medal chances for Sweden lie only in the technical competitions fighting slalom and slalom.

12:19: The beauty of the World Cup and the Olympics is also the participation of drivers from suspected exotic nations. Even today, riders from Andorra, Monaco, Kosovo, Lithuania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Chile, Romania, Ukraine and Australia participate. Longevity lives. All these runners are great skiers, no matter how big their backlog of the upcoming world champion can be. Nobody should forget who loves the sport.

At 12:11 In Kitzbühel, as in Are, the risk and aggressiveness count when it comes to the front seats. The power density of men is by no means inferior to the women.

12:09 pm from: Josef Ferstl looks at the intersection in front of the steep slope as an important part of the track. But he also says he can handle all Super-G and has already proven it. See Kitzbühel.

12:08 pm: Interestingly, Vincent Kriechmayr is leading the world-championship in Super-G without winning a single race this winter.

12:07 pm from: Twenty years ago, gold had to share at the Norwegian Lasse Kjus and Austria legend Hermann Maier. Since then, Norway is waiting for World Cup gold in Super-G with the men.

12:05: A glimpse of the story: Austria leads with a wide margin (286 to 191) in Switzerland for medals on the Alpine Ski World Cup. In third place (in front of Germany) is France. The United States has won 27 gold medals since yesterday (Mikaela Shiffrin).

11:49 clock: Today, Paris is not only the third driver to take the tour, but after Kriechmayr and Mayer it is also the third best Super G driver in this season. Only at the 12th place of the World Cup is Christof Innerhofer.

11:46 pm: The first Italian is already number three Dominik Paris. His Kitzbühel Double from Downhill and Super G prevented only super athletes from Josef Ferstl.

At 11:45 In yesterday's Super G of the women, the girls from Italy made confusion and furor. Only Mikaela Shiffrin prevented gold for Sofia Goggia. Nadia Fanchini finished fifth, Francesca Marsaglia with a ski from last year's seventh. In the tenth, Francesca Brignone rounded off an excellent Italian team result. On the one hand, the Italian men are under pressure today, but on the other hand they could also start the race with their mighty wings.

11:37 am: Traditionally strong – and consequently contenders for victory and medals – are the Norwegians. With Alexander Aamodt Kilde, Aksel Lund Svindal, Kjetil Jansrud and Adrian Smiseth Sejersted, four Norwegians are among the first eleven drivers in the World Cup for Super-G – and today also among the 11 eleven riders in the start list.

11:33 pm: It seems unlikely that two Canadians like 2017 (Guay Gold and Osborne-Paradise Bronze) will land on the podium. Guay has – as mentioned – withdrawn because of his countryman's injury. And Osborne Paradise had to cancel the entire season after the Lake Louise accident.

11:23 am: Yesterday, the women's start due to strong winds was postponed at short notice. Such reports have yet to run on the ticker.

11:22 am: As yesterday (Jasmine Flury), Switzerland once again has the honor of opening the race. Corinne Suter won bronze (two hundredths a second ahead of Viktoria Rebensburg) for the first Swiss World Cup medal in Are. This pressure is already gone. But Beat Feuz (start number 1) and Mauro Caviezel (coming in at 17), but also Thomas Tumler (start number 2) and Marco Odermatt (number 16), are determined to add countable numbers to the Swiss men.

11:18 am: The sting on the Austrian women's super-G debacle will be drawn. Defense champion Nicole Schmidhofer was in the eleventh place still the best ÖSV runner, followed directly behind the fastest training, Tamara Tippler. Ramona Siebenhofer was only 15. Steffi Venier and Christina Ager did not reach the finish line at all.

11:16 am: Above all, the Austrians strive for it. With Vincent Kriechmayr, the red-white-red winter sports nation is the best super G driver in the winter. Kriechmayr leads the World Cup discipline's rating before Matthias Mayer. With Max Franz as eighth, another Austria is among the top ten.

11:14 am: DSV's speed crew has shrunk due to the extra cross-ligament drive Andreas Sanders on three riders. Sander drove at the World Cup in St. Moritz 2017 in Super-G at least seventh. Besides Josef Ferstl, Dominik Schwaiger (start number 21) and Manuel Schmid (start number 41) are also starting today. Only Ferstl, but has real prospects for a podium finish.

11:12 am: The training on this trail in Lake Louise was also the German Kitzbühel winner Thomas Dreßen deadly. After a promising start to the season, Dreßen suffered a cruciate ligament wound and an injury to his shoulder and has been out of service since then. That's why Alpine Ski World Championships are in Are without him.

11:09 am: Defense champion Erik Guay from Canada, who ran for gold in Super-G in 2017 in St. Moritz will definitely receive a successor today. Guay retired from active racing at the age of 37 last November. On the one hand, the former World Classman plagued persistent damage problems. On the other hand, at the start of the season, Guay shocked his compatriot Manuel Osborne-Paradis during his training on the departure from Lake Louise.

11:06: By the way, the farm winner was Mikaela Shiffrin from the USA wearing start number 15. Today, Josef Ferstl runs the race, the German surprise winner of Super-G in Kitzbühel.

11:05: The men have to stretch quite well to deliver a more exciting Super-G today than the women did yesterday. Viktoria Rebensburg missed the gold medal with only seven hundred seconds and even went completely empty when it came to medals.

Welcome to our live ticker from the second race in the Alpine Skiing World Championships in Are. After Mikaela Shiffrin's victory in women's Super-G yesterday, it's the men's turn today.

With a fuselage troop, the German ship association joins the Alpine Ski World Championships in the Swedish islands. The circle of medal candidates is manageable. And yet DSV has a couple of irons in the fire – if all goes well.

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