Friday , April 23 2021

Apple Pay Terminator | Conclusion after 1 week without Apple Watch

Apple Pay is still not available, but we have some new assumptions about a possible launch date. In addition, Lukas talks about his time without Apple Watch, the living Steve of Apple has also talked about Apple and we are talking about the possibilities of 5G on iPhone. – Welcome to Apple Chat 69.

Here is an overview of the showotas:

  • 00:00:00: Intro, apple chats on social media, our new podcast
  • 00:03:20:Earpiece Subscriptions: Apple Support Experience, iPhone Touch Screen Problem, Pressure to raise problems?
  • 00:12:10: Exclusive Apple Pay Infos: When will it finally start?
  • 00:16:10: Interview with Steve Wozniak: Does Apple Still Have The Right Host?
  • 00:25:40: Lukas Experiment: Change Apple Watch after 3 years for normal clock. Conclusion after one week
  • 00:38:00: Study: How smartphones and social media affect our vacation
  • 00:47:20: 5G: When is it with us? What can it do? How about Apple?

But the first begins with housekeeping. Via Mail and Social Media came a few letters about topics from last week, which we read highly and commented. So not only iPhone X owners seem to have issues with the touch screen. So far, however, only one exchange program has been launched there. Also in the subject experience in the Apple Store we have received an answer.

Apple Pay on hold

In our Apple Pay Monitor, we now find each week: Apple Pay is not there yet. Then we continue with new speculations at the beginning and then Lukas and I today have information from the banking world that we want to share with you.

The other Steve

Steve Jobs is dead, but another Steve, who also founded Apple, still lives. We are talking about the latest interview with Mac farmer early days and commenting on his current view of Apple.

Dear Diary

The Luke experiment continues. In his self-pause from Apple Watch, he has gathered a few more impressions that make me a little laughing.

When he perceives the difference after reconnecting to an analog clock, he tells about this section.

Social media crucial for holidaymakers?

Where can I be the most effective? Sounds absurd, but many tourists choose their goal based on potential likes and ratings on social media, a study on the smart phone users' travel behavior as we recently reported.

Absolutely wrong right? We are talking about the essential facts in the study and now … have an opinion.

5G, when or when?

In the end, we are talking about 5G in the iPhone. First of all, a small basic clarification must be made. Next year, 5G will probably not play a role for the end customer. Why this is the way we come to the end of the program.

Enjoy listening!

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