Tuesday , November 24 2020

Arkadenhof with four locations in Linz faces insolvency

Arkadenhof with four locations in Linz faces insolvency

LINZ. Arkadenhof GmbH with four inns and restaurants in Linz faces bankruptcy. 58 employees are affected and have already become redundant.

Restaurant Arkadenhof Image: (OÖN arkiv)

Monday morning, the Linz-based Arkadenhof Gastronomie GmbH put 58 employees in a company meeting and closed four places. Employees have since registered with the Ministry of Labor and are shocked at the surprising news. On the Internet is under the previous address, only the post "Hello! HOMEPAGE IS THE WORK!" to find. No one picks up the phone.

Affected is the restaurant Arkadenhof in the Taubenmarkt, the traditional inn "Schiefer Apfelbaum" near the Neuromed Campus, the restaurant "Herzstück" in Haidcenter Ansfelden and Gasthof Auerhahn in Freistädter Straße.

There are further places in SCS on the outskirts of Vienna and in Graz.

The February fee was no longer paid. A bankruptcy has not yet been registered. AK President Johann Kalliauer quickly warned employees against early steps: "The shock is deep. But in no way does employment dissolve violently. This could be lost!"

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