Monday , October 18 2021

Chess World Cup in Ticker: Even in the 5th match no winner between Carlsen and Caruna


Another draw between Carlsen and Caruana

20:28 Chess world champion Magnus Carlsen was not surprised at the 5th World Cup match by challenger Fabiano Caruana and scored a draw in an exciting duel. After the five-year record it was Thursday night in London 2.5: 2; 5 between 27-year-old Norwegian champion and one year younger American.

Caruana opened the match as in the 1st and 3rd matches with the Rossolimo variant of the Sicilian defense. In contrast to the previous games, he decided for a prayer offer in the 6th train. Carlsen seemed surprised, but responded quickly and accurately as a true champion. In a turbulent opening match, both major champions found a good move and after 16 moves there was a final without women.

The world champion is now putting a lot of pressure on activating their pieces to the maximum. However, Caruana found a position that enabled him to balance less despite a farmer. Carlsen saw no way to reverse the small material advantage of victory. After 34 moves, the defending champion accepted the dragon victim for his opponent.

The 6th game takes place Friday, Carlsen has since the white stones. World Cup is scheduled for twelve matches. Who reaches 6.5 points first, crowns the world champion. If there is a tie, a tie will occur. The winner of a meeting gets a score, as a result, both players get 0.5 points. The prize fund is one million dollars.

Carlsen and Caruana meet for the fifth match

Thursday, November 15 at 15:18: At 16:00, world champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Fabiano Caruana meet for the fifth match at the World Chess Championship in London. The first four games ended everyone in the draw – it is therefore doubtful if today's game will win a winner.

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