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Elfi, Elfriede – and the president "DiePresse.com

Rabah! How the child used to scream in comics. Rabah! Also, the golden baby with Trump-head is roasting since Saturday night at Landestheater Lower Austria in St. Pölten – what a name sausage – drives his accident. Nikolaus Habjan arranged Elfriede Jelineks "Am Königsweg". The child stands for a voracious, constantly attentive, non-recurring monster.

It's also the babies. Only they look so cute and are loved by their parents who overlook everything. For a US President, such a childlike scheme seems unpleasant. You see, Elfriede Jelinek has considered much in his latest political farce, also psychologically. Habjan has painted the picture brightly and blatantly, but he lacks Jelinek's humor.

On the other hand, the Nobel Prize winner speaks parts of his text out of line, because Habjan has made friends a little with her, which is not so easy for the author's shadow. When Jelinek recites her own thoughts it touches, she is afraid of old age: "I'm going to the 80s," says the 72-year-old who has suffered severe mental crises.

For example, anyone listening to them can imagine a tall pianist who is worthy of Musikverein on a Bösendorfer grand piano. A Viennese lady (© Roland Koberg's cultivated voice) can be heard here and evoke chamber music without words. Jelinek confronts little Elfi, who has always felt devalued and devalued himself, an heir to the monastery coal, who sends girls on a permanent culprit. But the great Elfriede also has to say she deconstructs the men's world and exposes her mechanisms.

Jelinek dolls are the greatest thing about this achievement. One of the masks, the viewer, in the beginning, both eyes are gouged, the glare. Towards the end there are three Jelinek puppets on the stage, one young, one between and one old. And the figure of Miss Piggy has something of Jelinek who has used the "Muppet Show" form to formulate their anger on the shift to the right of the policy.

The crowd was thrilled

Departure resonates with this anger. Jelinek lyrics seem to have been transferred to visual arts. Previously, there were sometimes strict verbs. Today is illustrated, over-illustrated.

The pieces get something like carnival. After all, Habjan is a master of his craft as he has transformed Jelineks word art into a Grand Guignol game that is sometimes breathtaking. And it's more than puppet theater that is offered here. The text is perfectly repeated. Tilman Rose has adopted the American President's idiom. Although this English and Pink speaks German, Trump is seen with his catchy snorton in front of him. But you see him too often. The character should deal with Shakespeare kings you read in the program, but this kink works too stupid. In this figure there are actually two that are too much intent: See what a miserable guy! The real Trump also has charisma, but he does not work on intellectuals. Overall: Landestheater shows this Austrian premiere flag. Intendant Marie Rötzer has dared something. The audience applauded enthusiastically.

("Die Presse", printed edition, 18.03.2019)

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