Tuesday , January 26 2021

Florian Silbereisen with other songs together? Now there is clarity about the rumor

A mysterious post on Facebook employs fans: Is Florian Sil ready for another music star? Now there is clarity.

Spremberg – "Franziska Florian's new love !!!" – It's been on a Florian Silbereisen fan page on Facebook since December 20 to read. In the operator's remarks: "Official in January". There would be no news, rumors of star conditions, there are many. And it's a relatively small site with about 2,800 fans. But the rumor has since become independent and has landed in various media. In addition, someone has now had trouble getting to the bottom of the case.

More precisely: Lusatian Rundschau, Because said Franziska is pop singer Franziska Wiese (32). She comes from Spremberg in Lusatia. Her mother, who also takes care of ordering her performances, has the Molly Moden shop in the small town of 25,000. And also deeply surprised by the speculation about her daughter. "More customers have already responded to this," says Manuela Wiese.

"That Franziska and Florian Silbereisen should be a couple are rumors"

She says clearly: "That Franziska and Florian Silbereisen should be a couple, are rumors and not true." It is not the first time that a parent expresses a possible relationship between the offspring. It was Thomas Seitel's father who had officially confirmed his relationship with Helene Fischer. Only the Helene-Ex Florian Silbereisen should now be with Franziska Wiese, this is obviously not true.

"Who puts these rumors in the world, I don't know. It amazes me that many media continue to spread this uncontrolled," wondered Manuela Wiese.

Florian Silbereisen and Franziska Wiese know each other well

But that Florian Silbereisen and Franziska Wiese know each other are well proven. She appeared on his ARD show and sang with him, accompanied him on concerts in different countries.

Hach, it would be nice if Sprembergerin would be with Florian Silbereisen, some think of the place. "If appropriate, why not? Where love just falls," says Yvonne Hauschulz from the local restaurant "Hühnerstall".

Even with Spremberger's former mayor Dr. Klaus Peter Schulze spoke Lusatian Rundschau, He will not comment on rumors about Franziska Wiese and Florian Silbereisen, but well remember the 32-year-old. She was an administrative assistant in the local town hall. She had been a "very diligent and committed apprentice," Schulze said.

So now is vocal career for Franziska Wiese, whose trademark is the violin. With "Alles Weiss" she has released her second album. Further appearances with Florian Silbereisen could follow – but only professional and not private.

Video: Does Helene Fischer play the dismissal here?

Meanwhile, Florian Silbereisen is reunited with his old troupe. And has a celebrity worshiper.

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