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Frankfurt am Main (APA / DPA-AFX) – Good news from the banking sector and the aftermath of abroad have driven the German stock market again. The DAX reference market jumped over the much-noted 11,000 point mark on Monday, completing its latest small loss series with a 0.99 percent gain at 11.014.59. MDAX increased 1.17 percent to 23.476.46 points.

In China, there were good gains in the trading places after a holiday that lasted several days at the start of the week. In the back of the mind, however, investors have another possible state stoppage in the United States. In the dispute over the funding of a wall demanded by US President Donald Trump on the border with Mexico, the fear of a renewed Government Shutdown is growing. Negative effects on the US economy and capital markets would be the result, the experts from Landesbank Baden-Württemberg concluded.

The bank values ​​were heavily quoted throughout Europe. Encouraging signs of capitalization by some Southern European sectoral institutions had made shareholders more risky. In DAX Deutsche Bank, 2.4 percent rose. In MDAX, Commerzbank's stock certificates rose by more than 4 percent on index cuts. According to the dealers, they have enjoyed the positive industrial environment.

In addition, the shares in Deutsche Post rose 2.45 percent in DAX. The Federal Ministry wants to change a regulation on the basis of which the post office could increase the letter delivery much stronger than before. According to industry circles, postage to a standard letter from the current 70 cents could rise to 85 to 90 cents.

Price developments at Wirecard also remain exciting. After their renewed glide on Friday by more than 12 percent, they were Monday at 6.55 percent of the top value in DAX. According to the Financial Times reports, the prize was substantially seen from internal investigations of alleged accounting offenses by a Singapore employee last week. Wirecard had rejected the claims.

With regard to the reporting season, investors treated the final figures of Carl Zeiss Meditec. The share certificates of medical technicians increased by approx. 1 percent. In addition, the machine manufacturer manufacturer DMG Mori – also in line with business figures – increased by almost 1 percent.

Very weak with minus 7.55 percent was at the end of the small value index SDAX Borussia Dortmund papers. After the weekend's draw and FC Bayern's victory, the Westphalia leadership in the Bundesliga table melted a bit.

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