Monday , November 30 2020

How Much Horror is in Metro Exodus? – Artjom depicts the world as a nightmare (CGI trailer)

Post-Apocalypse Shooter Metro Exodus is already in the starting block: The game of 4A Games will be released on February 15, 2019. Now the developers are publishing a CGI trailer that takes us into the nightmare (and mysterious) world of the protagonist Artjom.

The trailer shows a dream-like prologue to the events in Metro Exodus: Artjom, which apparently has not yet escaped from the subway in the Moscow subway, is life in the "outside world" a nightmare with mysterious psycho-horror revolutions.

And yet it pulls him away: As one of the few, he does not believe that the Moscow metro is the last refuge for survivors – but not everything that still lives, Artyom is friendly.

As atmospheric as the trailer is cut, it will probably not be so mysterious in the last game. Nevertheless, we can prepare for an exciting story – after all, the script is twice as long as both predecessors together!

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