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Huawei can't do anything for your naivety! – GIGA

An accident rarely occurs alone: ​​After Huawei has already been criticized for alleged ties to the Chinese government in the criticism, the group now has to accept claims to cheat the advertising campaign for the new P30 Pro. The truth is a little more complicated.

Alleged photo cheating: Huawei can't do anything for your naivety!

Not many 79-year-olds can claim to have changed the world. Stella Liebeck is one of them. In 1992, the pensioner at a trouble poured a cup of hot coffee over his legs, which she had previously bought from McDonalds. The hot drink caused severe burns. Liebck sued McDonalds and was initially awarded more than $ 2 million in compensation. To be legally secured against such lawsuits in the future, the fast food chain continued to print warnings on the coffee mugs: "Beware, hot coffee" was born.

The coffee is usually hot, one should say common sense. Nevertheless, McDonald's was forced to write the warning on the coffee cup after the legal dispute. Certainly safe – especially in the country with unlimited lawsuits.

His very own Stella-Liebeck moment also saw Huawei this week.

The zoom functions of the P30 Pro: Huawei are charged with deception

With several teaser pictures, the Chinese manufacturer announced the zoom feature of the upcoming P30 Pro, which is officially revealed in Paris at the end of March. The shoots showed very different motives: from a child playing with ducks, a south-sea island to an exploding volcano, everything was there. In the middle was a magnifying glass that brought the distant and blurred motifs crystal clear forward.

"Look, the P30 Pro is going to have a great zoom feature," says Huawei's unimpressive message.

But surprise: Teaser pictures were not shot at all with the P30 Pro! As it turned out in retrospect, these stock photos were used by the group. It followed, was a small blast. They were "cheating", others went even further and accused Huawei of fraud.

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Huawei never claimed to have taken the pictures with P30 Pro

What was overlooked in the general indignation, however: Huawei has claimed without syllables that the images were shot with P30 Pro. The alleged attempt to cheat is thus based solely on the assumption that the images were taken with P30 Pro. But it can hardly be held responsible Huawei.

The fact that Huawei only wanted to illustrate the zoom feature of the new smartphone with the ad slides is best shown in the pictures themselves – we see no less than an exploding volcano here. Does anyone seriously think that Huawei would have given a few employees a P30 Pro, put them in a helicopter and then photographed a life-threatening volcano exploding?

If you always wanted to know how to pronounce "Huawei" correctly:

Advertising exaggerates and emotionalises

This is advertising, nothing more. Advertising exaggerates and emotionalises, but it doesn't show a real picture of reality. My wet razor doesn't become a robot, and with the new deo I don't like all women flying with magic. For such a case, of course, sense is actually responsible.

Because who is so naive and puts each ad word on the gold scale, which is also surprised that the coffee is hot.

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