Sunday , January 24 2021

Quite retro: Captain Marvel's website has 90's design

++ Update from 11.02.2019: In a recently published featurette shall Brie Larson to Captain Marvel, It's the most dynamic character she's ever played, she says.

++ News from 11.02.2019: Except Captain America – The First AvengerWhen it went back to World War II, and occasionally flashbacks here and there, the Marvel Cinematic Universe films were previously anchored in the present. Thus is Captain Marvel only the other one that happens most in the past.

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The good old 1990s serve as a setting, and then there is not the slightest doubt that the official website was redesigned in a modern way. Now it really looks like a relic of the 90s, complete with retro graphics, cartoon font, visitor counter and fully functional guest book! Hach, how lovely. If it doesn't arouse nostalgic feelings, then what? Just rummaging around, there's a lot to discover.

on March 7th crash Captain Marvel in the cinemas and Carol Danvers on the ground – in the middle of one blockbusterVideo because we are in the 90s. We also want to point to the new TV ad and the two new posters, especially since the next space has arrived.

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