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Red Dead Redemption 2: Find all the treasure cards on Giftpath Treasure


Here's how to get to the hidden change

To fill the gap in Arthur's wallet, Rockstar developers have left taxes in the game. Of course, these are hidden and you have to follow treasure maps to get to the gold. We will help you and show you step by step the way to the scene.

Red Dead Redemption 2 hides multiple taxes.

Red Dead Redemption 2 hides multiple taxes. (Source: PowerPyx / Netzwelt)


  1. The gift road treasure hunt
  2. The last step: Swap hideaway
  3. With more tips for wealth

In total there are four tax assignments in the game, which can be started at any time as an optional page knowledge. However, the most profitable is reserved for buyers of Special and Ultimate Edition, as well as pre-order of the digital version.

Tax hunting always follows the same pattern: You must follow three clues one after the other before you get to the hiding place of the shot. If you try to shorten your search by going straight to the discovery center, it's simply no tax. So little effort is needed to get the lucrative reward, but we do the most of the work for you and show you where to find the clues.

The gift road treasure hunt

The so-called poison path treasure (in the English original: "Toxic Trail Treasure") waving four gold rods as a reward, giving a total of $ 2000. This makes her the most lucrative treasure hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 after the exclusive mission. As mentioned, you must find three different treasure charts in a row, eventually leading you to the reward you're looking for.

Below, we've linked a video from the YouTube PowerPyx channel, where you can see exactly the individual sites if the description is insufficient.

Your journey begins at Cairn Lake, according to PowerPyx in the northwest of the country. From Valentine you must cross the Dakota River and then follow the road in the direction mentioned around the mountains. At the lake there is a deserted cabin where you have to go in. Under the bed you will find the first card in a box.

This leads you to the area of ​​Scarlett Meadows in the state of Lemoyne. West of the track at Ringneck Creek is the second map hidden on a small hill in a tree trunk. In addition, there are ten dollars. The drawings on the map describe a location near Van Horn's trading post in New Hanover State. At the southwest of the settlement is a hill that has a winding formation. In the middle you will find the third and last card between a pile of stones. It points to the location of the change.

The last step: Swap hideaway

The waterfall shown here is very close to the third treasure map, namely Elysian Pool, which is slightly upstream. In the game-typical cave behind the waterfall it is quite dark, so go out after entering your lantern. Climb the first mountain surface and follow the narrow cave. After a short distance, you come down and you have to duck to move forward. Walk through a round hole in the wall and turn right immediately afterwards. After a little climb you will find yourself in front of a cliff where you have to go to the left to jump down to another opening.

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Then you slide down a short slope and end up in a puddle. Climb to the left of the half-high cliff and then you finished it. Under the stone you stand in front, you will find the four gold rods, but you will not come up the steep slope again and you will be caught in the cave. Save your game and load the game you just created. After the charging time, your character resembles the waterfall at Elysian Pool. Afterwards you can sell the caught gold bullet on any fence. If the gold is not enough, you can also follow a glitch that gives you as many as 30 gold bars per minute in Red Dead Redemption 2.

With more tips for wealth

You do not want to use a glitch, but still get more money in the game? Therefore, we have an article that provides tips on how to earn money quickly in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you're still relatively early in the game, look at our first level tips that make your game easier and clarify important issues. "class =" lat reset "class =" lat reset "class =" lat reset

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