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Stock Exchange Express – Stocks Europe: Friendly

Europe's exchanges are friendly in the new
Week passed. EuroStoxx 50 as the leading index for
The euro area rose 1.12 percent in the morning to 3170.63 points.
"Optimism is great with regard to the American and Chinese
Trade negotiations, "said Michael van Dulken from broker Accendo

The conversation between the two states will continue this week.
According to media reports, the deadline for new criminal charges could be the United States
postponed until March 1st. It already had
Chinese stock exchanges provided for the purchase of shares.

The Parisian CAC 40 rose 1.1 percent to 5015.79
Points and the British FTSE 100 set at 1.06
Percentage to 7146.22 points.

On the purchase lists, the share of banks and
Semiconductor manufacturers above. Banks in Italy and Spain have
In their own words, EU capital requirements
Central Bank last exceeded. It left in Milan the newspapers
Banco BPM, Bper Banca, UBI Banca increases by 3.3 to 5.6 percent.

In Madrid, courses in Santander , Banco
Sabadell, banker and BBVA about 1.5 to
2 percent too. Previously, investors had concerns
over a possibly too thin head covering of many banks
Eurozone peripherals whose prices are constantly charged.

After two lossy trading days, Europe's chip stocks
caught again: The paper from the chip firm STMicroelectronics
rose by 2.1 percent, the for
Industrial equipment ASML rose 0.6 percent.

Paper from Airbus rose by just over 2 percent. IN
The next five years must be the aircraft manufacturer's operating profit
faster than before, while
Loser product risks, analyst Chris Hallam from Goldman
Sachs and took the papers on one

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