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The frozen spoiled his world title

The frozen spoiled his world title

Inzell. Vanessa Herzog pursued a silver medal in Inzell.

The frozen spoiled his world title

Vanessa Herzog returns home with gold and silver from the World Cup. Image: GEPA

Not only did Vanessa Herzog choose Friday for the first Austrian skating champion since Emese Hunyady (2000) put the choice Carinthia a day later silver over 1000 meters. As with her 500-meter gold ride, the 23-year-old remained over twice the distance only a few hundredths ahead of the Japanese seasonal nominator Nao Kodaira. "She's going to get a trauma from me," said Herzog fun, remaining 0.97 seconds behind the winner Brittany Bowe. The American American had succeeded in a dream run. Kodaira will have the opportunity to resume in two weeks. Then follow in the Heerenveen World Cup in Sprint Fours.

Herzog will be among the favorites in Holland. Not least because the addition of their two Inzell times over 500 and 1000 meters would have ranked first. But both Sprint World Championship level courses will run another time in a weekend. Herzog often had problems with this concentrated race, she needs more regeneration. The tight schedule not only makes Duke hard, so the World Federation will cancel a World Cup next year.

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