Monday , November 23 2020

The future price list is electronic

Customers who have a food intolerance or diet can find suitable products this way. If a product is not in stock, the customer can have it sent directly home. Retailers can, in turn, use the system for wiser stock and shelf management to avoid vacancies.

Bridge between online and offline

"This increases customer satisfaction and the reseller does not have to fear that the buyer will move to an online store. price tag It is also a kind of bridge that allows you to connect to online shopping and shopping in stores, "she explains Moosburger.

Using digital pricing, stores can also respond quickly to competitive offers and lower prices. Theoretically, traders could also increase prices quickly when demand is high. In reality, though, it's mainly about discount campaigns that will benefit the customers, insures the company's founder.

High demand in China

If you only think of working time and printing, it must be electronic price tag pay with us from twelve price changes for an article. The biggest growth market is high Moosburger despite low labor costs, however porcelain, "The digital transformation is much more advanced than it is here electronically price tags is just a part of business appearance. "

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