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There are contradictions in the BVT cause "

The previous meetings of the Investigation Committee for the reason for the Federal Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution and Combating Terrorism revealed many contradictions in the defendants' statements. Some of the data provided by the documents differed, partly from other testimonies, and partly from information from the Ministry of Interior, as the Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) had done in the framework of parliamentary issues.

Stephanie Krisper, Neo's leader in the U Commission, announced Wednesday that her party planned to submit a list of 24 such key inconsistencies for the prosecution. The concrete compositions of Neos are listed below. Neos also noted that the Secretary-General of the Interior Ministry, Peter Goldgruber, can not remember in 21 partial points.

Kickl himself will provide information to the U Commission on November 27th.

To name overview: The explanations are also applicable Kickl also his secretary general Gold Gruber, his closest associate Udo Lett (the two are said to have interviewed witnesses before being challenged by the prosecutor, note), the leading prosecutor Ursula Schmudermayer from WKStA, Michaela Kardeis, Director-General for Public Security at the Ministry of the Interior and the Wolfgang Police Preiszler, who was the head of the police's activities in the violence at BVT. In addition, (former) BAT employees mentioned as acting as witnesses to WKStA – Anton HRS., Ria-Ursula P. and Martin W .; The "fourth witness" is Christian M. In addition, Sibylle comes G. who leads the extremism section of the BAT.

In the left column, there are the statements from Kickl or Goldgruber, in the right column columns of respondents or extracts from the files. They were summarized by Neos.

Kick's statements in question answer
The witness H. had come into contact with the witness W. No contact between H. and W. before housekeeping
WKStA was informed on 20.2.2018 that three people (later witnesses) were "heard" by the cabinet or the Secretary-General Respondents from WKStA said in agreement that such an agreement was not made
As for the first witness P. it was only a preliminary conversation with Dr. Ing. Easy on 16.2.2018 There were two preliminary talks, one on 16.2.2018 and another with Kickl, Secretary-General Goldgruber and Lett between 17.2. and 20.2.
3 people were to the statement to WKStA by Dr. with. Easy together with Easily attended by 3 people as a trusted person
3 people were to the statement to WKStA by Dr. with. Easy together with 4 people were accompanied by Light to testify about WKStA
No contact with the fourth witness Also contact the 4th witness with Lett, who followed the 4th witness witness to WKStA and also announced that the privacy was released
First contact: The witness P. reported to the government First contact: Easily called the witness
The first witness, P., would have expressed a willingness to testify at WKStA Goldgruber / Lett told her to testify about WKStA
The third witness, H., was heard twice (31.1.2018 and 12.2.2018) on BAT According to H. there were no meetings
The second witness. W., is heard twice (2.2.2018 and 9.2.2018) on BAT According to W., at these meetings only his parental leave was spoken
Goldgruber statements and. a. before the U committee
It would have been the prosecutor's proposal not to communicate by mail but only by telephone Schmudermayer said that it was Goldgruber who pointed out that e-mail from the Ministry of the Interior could be "checked"
No delivery of the witness W. on 9.2.2018 According to W .: Delivery by Goldgruber on 9.2.2018
Goldgruber stated in an interview in "Standard" in March 2018 that they did not know the names of the four witnesses Today he calls for official confidentiality, which of course would include false information against media under this logic
He did not tell the prosecutor on 19.1.2018 that BMI is currently as corrupt as ever and that the main protagonists of the criminal organization in BMI understood how to shape their internal structures so that power would be in the hands of some concentrate less The prosecutor's diary notes: "Goldgruber: He has the minister's job, BMI cities up. He believes BMI is more corrupt than ever, and that the main protagonists of BMI's criminal organization have been able to shape internal structures so that power is concentrated in some happens. "
He had not received orders from BM Kickl to clean up BM.I, or he did not remember The prosecutor's diary notes: "Goldgruber: He has the minister's job, BMI clean up."
Goldgruber initially stated that he did not appear as an official at WKStA The prosecutor noted in the newspaper that Goldgruber seemed to be an indicator
Goldgruber stated that the subject "Liederbuch-Causa Germania" was not part of the reasoning for the resignation of the head of the Extremism Department, which was dealt with by the General Secretariat According to written records of an internal interview with the Home Office, with Michaela Kardeis, General Director of Public Security, Liederbuch Causa Germania was one of three reasons why the General Secretariat carried out the postponement of Sibylle G.
Disciplinary action against Sibylle G. should only be "tested" According to written records of internal ministry's internal talks with the Director General for Public Security Michaela Kardeis, the General Secretariat had decided to "initiate" employment / disciplinary action
Goldgruber denied that on 20.2.2018 he had told the prosecutor that now a witness was willing to testify – later he relativized that he did not remember AV of 20.2.2018, Prosecutor's Journal: "It calls the Secretary-General of BMI, Goldgruber, and announces that an academic would be willing to testify. She should be accompanied by a trust that could put her information in context"
Easily presented BVT's premises during the information day on 27.2.2018 According to Preiszler, Goldgruber made this
A possible statement at WKStA was not the subject of the preliminary talks with the second witness, W. W. stated that Goldgruber had told him that he would need to testify at WKStA
Goldgruber had not ordered Preiszler to make as few notes as possible or to destroy any notes. Only after Vorhalt could the Preiszler Goldgruber statement suddenly remember. According to Preiszler, Goldgruber ordered to refrain from unnecessary documentation or destruction
Other contradictions
According to the prosecutor, official confidentiality was not discussed in the first 4 witness interviews According to 2 informants: The prosecutor asked for delivery
According to the WKStA diary: Easily, the witness H. von announced responsibility for the issue at WKStA According to H .: Schmudermayer, the witness H. von announced responsibility for the issue at WKStA

At a glance: Causa BAT

The reason for BVT is about a house search at the Federal Bureau for the Protection of Constitution and Countering Terrorism (BVT), ordered by the Public Prosecutor's Office (WKStA). There were some unusual incidents about this attack, why a subcommittee is currently investigating whether it may have been an attempt to influence BVT politically.


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