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Weak Thiem at ATP Finals before the end

2: 6,3: 6 in just 66 minutes: Dominic Thiem does not live up to expectations of Superstar Roger Federer on Tuesday night at ATP Finals. The chances for the semifinal are now very low.

The French Open finalist had a poor performance in front of 17,800 spectators in the O2 Arena in London and could not claim Federer at all. He meets in the latest group game at the Japanese Kei Nishikori. Thiem must now win the competition on Thursday (not before 15:00 CET) if he wants a chance to reach the semifinals.

But the lower Austrian, ranked number 6, must increase enormously. Nishikori had even received a 0: 6: 6 gossip on Tuesday afternoon against Kevin Anderson. The last duel with the Japanese Vienna finalist Thiem lost a few weeks ago in Wiener Stadthalle smoothly 3: 6,1: 6.

Federer is not required at all

Thiem's ​​overall fourth duel with the now 20-time Grand Slam winner was against him from the beginning. Already in the opening game this year, the French Open finalist was to ward off a break-ball and secured 1-0 after seven minutes. After 13 minutes Federer took his next chance to break the game for the first time. Thiem was always in trouble in the rest of the first set at his service. After a double foul for 30:40 and an unmotivated Serve Volley after the second service, he had to give the service to 2: 5 again. Federer served after 31 minutes to sentence guide.

Tennis ATP Finals London 2018 Dominic Thiem

APA / AFP / Glyn Kirk

Dominic Thiem after the match against Federer: "A worse performance. Extremely many mistakes that have gone wrong for meters"

When Thiem lost the service again at the start of the second round (after double foul for 15:40) the course was set for the second defeat. Only twice, Thiem decided to play his service clearly for himself, but at 3: 6 he had to give the service again at the second match. Significant: It was a big deal far out. Elf Winner had 34 unforeseen mistakes at Thiem. The first service was only 50 percent and he did not have a single rastball. Numbers speak a clear language.

Thiem: "I can not explain it"

After the match, Thiem said at the press conference: "I can not explain it. It was inferior to this achievement. Extremely many mistakes, which were not a short mistake now, but walked meters after yards away. That's why it was only very weak."

2018 ATP Finals Dominic Thiem Roger Federer

APA / AFP / Glyn Kirk

Federer (r.) Pulled his head out of his nose with victory against Thiem (l.), Because in the event of a defeat he would have retired earlier in the semifinal

Only in the beginning it was still halfway in order, but after the break to 1: 2 he had the match "completely gone". Basically, he is still confident, even though he lost the first set. "Because I've been shooting, I've been doing it quite often, and I wanted to do it today. But I noticed that something just is not true today because I've made such bastards. I'm not stupid and I know it's gonna be very , very difficult today. "

With two defeats, Thiem still has a chance to be promoted in a victory over Kei Nishikori. "I will seek my tennis in training and hopefully find it," said Lower Austria with a smile. "The day after tomorrow I have to play a smart match, otherwise I do not stand a chance against you. If I win, I see how the other game ends." He was not up to it. "With a 0-2 balance sheet plus such a bad game today, I have to postpone the idea of ​​coming forward."

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