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Witness P., Minister Mikl-Leitner and You Friendship "DiePresse.com

After a break of almost four weeks, the parliamentary committee of inquiry continues its witness interview on the cause of the Federal Constitutional Protection Office and the fight against terrorism (BTI) today. On the one hand, it is once again the allegations of political ÖVP networks in the Ministry of the Interior on the other hand, investigation data in a case concerning the former ÖH chairman and Green MP Sigrid Maurer. "Die Presse" reports live.

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More specifically, this is the claim that survey data was not erased correctly. Tuesday morning, former ÖH spokesman Georg G. provided information on this subject. Surprisingly, his data was actually only deleted in 2016, although the then Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP) and the BVT director Peter Gridling had already apologized in 2011 for data storage. The fact that the data had not yet been deleted taught G. 2015. In addition, his 2016 deletion request landed in the cabinet of the then Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP).

Subsequently, Ria-Ursula P. from BVT and Sandra R. from the Ministry of the Interior are investigated on the topic of black networks in the inland area. This claim – as well as the illegal retention of data – originates from the infamous collection where an anonymous author – or several authors – collected allegations against BVT and then published it. Due to the overdue, the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor (WKStA) initially began to decide. The raid on BVT, which finally took place in February 2018, was based on results obtained from witness talks with BVT staff – Ria-Ursula P. was one of these witnesses.

For Ria-Ursula P., who had already had to answer questions in October in the subcommittee, she assumes that she was a beneficiary of "black ropes": she should not do her work on the basis of professional qualifications but through good characters Received conditions. The "friendship" P.s with Mikl-Leitner, the current provincial governor of Lower Austria, has already been addressed in the U committee. In P.'s first interview, she had not been able to make anything that was criminally relevant.

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