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30 seconds the case

Sports Reporter | March 18, 2015, Monday at. 21:57

Breathing time 20 meters and 30 seconds away. The Cricketers of the Bangladesh team have survived literally. What happened then? Vaala gave emotional speculation at the moment Tamim Iqbal He openly told Cricinfo that he was all about. his
It was highlighted for the readers in the words.

Let me explain what happened before you drove on the bus. Understand how much difference the two-three minutes have made.

Mushfiqi and Riyadh brothers would like to attend the Khutba mosque. Therefore, I wanted to go to Juma's prayer a little earlier. It was about leaving the house at 1:30 in the afternoon. But Riyad Bhai went to the press conference. There is a lot of time spent there. After the press conference he came to the changing room.
At the locker room we started to beat football. Taejul would not lose But others tried to defeat him in the fight. There was also a battle between Taijul and Mushfiq. It takes a little longer. These little things lasted us last time.

When we finished the game, we took off the bus. The plan was to go to Team Hotel after the prayers. Therefore, Shri (Team Analyst Srinivas Chandrasekharan) and Soumya Sarkar were with us. Since there was no alternative practice, those who did not practice would be in the hotel. And those who practice come to the field. It was the plan.

I sit in the sixth seat from left to right. When we reached near the mosque, those who were to my right could see something outside the window. I see a body lying on the floor. It seemed as if someone had drunk or lost knowledge. Of course, the problem is not there. The buses continue and stop near the mosque. But everyone's eyes still remain on the body lying on the ground. Just then I saw another bloody man lying slowly. From here there is a scared grain. Our bus stopped near a car near the mosque. We see the bus driver talking to a woman. He shook his voice and said he was shot. Don't go Don't. & # 39; Our bus driver asked the woman if there was no one in the mosque. He replied, "No … no … no, don't go to the mosque. The burning takes place inside the mosque." She began to cry. In front of everyone's eyes Fear increases even more. At that moment we were only 20 meters away from the mosque. This means that the mosque must come down from the bus and get to the mosque. I was so close to it. We saw several organs lying on the floor of the mosque. After seeing it we didn't understand what to do. Those of us who had a hat on their heads scared the hat. Everyone was surprised that something happened. Those who had on Punjabi took jackets on it. What more to do?

Then we fall asleep on the bus shed. Look at me, I can't speak properly. We told the bus driver to get us out of here. Do something. But he didn't move. We all started the chilla pallet. Cut Six-Seven Minutes There was no police. Then suddenly the arrival of the police. We came to the mosque when the special forces came to the mosque. My whole body was wet. One of the injured bloody bodies from the mosque was out.

So we didn't have control over ourselves. We started shouting, "Let's go!" Someone said, "If we go out if they shoot?" Another said, "If we sit on the bus, we'll be in danger." There will be opportunities. We are big targets on the bus. But where do I go? Two doors closed.

So for some reason, the bus sent 10 meters ahead. I don't know why he did it. We broke up. Everyone gave up hope. We started pushing and kicking in the middle of the bus. The driver opened the door.

As the driver took the bus forward. I called you (reporter). You thought I was funny. But I wasn't sure how serious I was because there was no situation. You heard me, didn't you? I was confused when Majhar called me. I couldn't understand what was going on.

Ca. 8 minutes later, from the bus to the end. Everyone said run by the park. Someone said we would be an easy target in the park. If the slider starts shooting us?
What was scary to me, what would the police think of us driving? Occasionally I saw you (reporter Mohammad Isam, Utpal Shuvro and Mazharuddin) coming. Didn't understand then But last night I realized how big you risked. Very few people take such risks. In such circumstances, dense people cannot even play a role like you. In fact, you get a little quiet and start walking. After moving a bit, everyone started to drive to the ground.

I know I've seen death myself. The body became cold. This is an event that we cannot forget about life. This is one thing for the whole party. All smiles have come back in the face, but inside.

We walked directly to the hotel and went straight to Riyadh's brother's room. Watch the video of the gunman. The players began to cry. We all cried in the locker room. One thing can be certain, it will take a lot of time to forget about this incident. The family needs help. Eyes closed when eyes closed. Most of the cricketers sleep together tonight. I slept with Miraz and Sohel Bhai. I saw in the dream they were shot by bicycles.
On the way to the airport we told each other if we were small we would not return, the bodies would return home. It's only thirty seconds. & # 39;

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