Wednesday , August 4 2021

& # 39; Court of Joy & # 39;

Showbiz Desktop: Shahriar Nazim Joy He is a popular actor Both have gained fame in both small and large fame. Displayed competence in drama and film. But in recent conversations he has presented several programs, including "Sans of Humor". Her presentation means the public interest, and her party means popularity. However, he appears in the new box. Sohag Masud will be more involved in the show. An application called & # 39; Joy ​​Court & # 39; will soon build on its YouTube channel. And as a guest in court, in the showbiz controversy – people in conflict And there will be a judge with them. Shahin's Nazim Joy can be seen as a lawyer.
Joy said about the event, there are many events inside showbiz that are unpleasant for people in showbiz. And this has a negative impact on showbiz. We will try to overcome the discomfort of the victory. Here are several types of sensitive topics. Because there is a constructive discussion if you come to the ceremony instead of responding to Facebook. If the solution comes, then many people will be interested in coming here. Because stars do not want to appear publicly on many sensitive topics. It will start promoting the YouTube channel's own name. I'm optimistic to answer.
In fact, she presents a program titled "With Nazim Joy" & # 39; dedicated to RFL Plastics on Ekushey TV. Here is seen every week in the showbiz area.

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