Monday , March 1 2021

ATN Bangla New Series "Thousands Thirty-Three"

A press release from ATN Bangla said that the drama will be broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 20:00.

The play was performed by Panther Shahriar in the Sun's drama and Mansur Alam Nijjar.

It will be seen in the story of the drama that, after his wife, Jafar Sahib hired the house of the house. Despite having all facilities, the rented house does not want to stay in the house.

What is it like to be a mystery? Some of the original horrors? Every day it takes a creampie or a horror story about it all over the neighborhood. According to some, Ajmor's wife's inseparable soul is not here any other person outside.

In this way, stories are created in the whirl of history. A new family came up with a new problem in Ajmall's house.

Abul Hayat, Runa Khan, Afran Nisho, Aparna Ghosh, Shyamal Mowla, Nazira Mou, Selim Ahmed, Sabbir Ahmed, Nusrat Jahan Nipa, Rasheda Rakhi, Nikul Kumar Mandal, Jahangir Alam and others have played different roles.

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