Friday , January 22 2021

Barca won three straight games

Barcelona defeated two points in the Spanish La Liga game. And in all three matches that Barca won, Coach Arnesto Valverde's team ended up with the athletic Bilbao in the La Liga match on Sunday. Lionel Messi's game of Barcelona's best star on Bilbao's San Mames plot was uncertain. In the end, Messi does not return the damage to Messi himself. In the middle field, Filipp Kutineho, Arturuo Vidalara also disappointed. The desperation could have escalated to Catalan. Goalkeeper Mark-André T. Stageen saved the few of the best matches throughout the match.
Barcelona's German goalkeeper Barcelona midfielder Merkel Sussayetta on the edge of the D-box shot a corner in the corner with a left corner. Raul Garcia, along with the goalkeeper, kicks the bike. Bilbao goalkeeper continued to stop Nelson Semedo in the 26th minute. By this option, Messi took the shot from the side of the crossbar about 30 meters away. Messi is the first player to score goals in eight games. Highest 21 goals and 10 Ashes Messi
Bilbao Star Inaki Williams had easy access to the 82nd minute. But Stageen, the unprotected Spanish advanced with great skill. Initially, Bilbao's Spanish defender Oscar de Marcos was expelled from the field after seeing the second yellow card. But Barcelona could not use the apartment for the rest of the season. Messi first goal at home against Valencia last weekend when Messi left the field with a point in the first game. And on February 6 in the semi-finals Copa del Rey in the first round of the first game of the match, with Real Madrid 1-1 in the same match, Barcelona ended the game. It was the first time this season that the Catalan team did not get the ball. In La Liga, Barcelona has topped the table with 15 wins and six moves with 51 points. Real Madrid, who won 3-1 in the Atletico Madrid match Saturday, is number two in the list with 45 points. Coach Diego Simeone's team of Atlético Madrid has 44 points in three numbers. Sevia is in fourth place with 37 points.

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