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Celebrate Valentine's Day with Ranbir

Q. You will be seen again in the role of D-Glam in Girl Boy & # 39; …

A. Director like Zoya Akhtar is very few. He knows how to deal with the actors. & # 39; Galley Boy & # 39; is one of the underworld stories. And I have a very important role in that story. This was the first time I worked in a role that I had no resemblance to. I never want anyone with a sour person like Sakina (laughter)! A few days ago I looked at the picture of Ranbir and Lion. Then he said to me, "What's your anger? It seems that whenever the bomb will break!" I laughed, it's a sign. I'm not like that in my own life.

Q. When is Alia angry then?

A. I'm short tempord Get angry with the sloppy. If a glass of water is kept in the same place day after day and it is not kept in place, I will be angry! But we became very quiet too early. And whoever is angry with him, let me say & # 39; sorry & # 39; I'm a burning person. Geo ohur jine du … This is my life's philosophy.

Q. & # 39; Goli Boy & # 39; will be released on Valentine's Day. Do you have a special plan that day?

A. There is only one person in my life with whom I will celebrate the day. That day I and I will shoot to Ranbir (Kapoor) & Brahmastra & # 39;. Then use time. Along with Ayan (Mukherjee) and Amitabh Bachchan will be (laughs). The importance of Valentine's Day was very much in school. Who got a few cards, got a gift that gave a rose, all together. I got a perfume once and finished 10 days!

Q. What is the experience of working with Ranbir (Singh)?

A. I have loved Ranbir for a long time. And very regal. Very good actress! While I was watching Gayli Boy, I could see another Ranbir. Sensitive, slow-fixed Other times we see Ranbir, who is dressing in a colorful chair when standing on the chair … is also one of his features. In fact, everyone is happy and loved. We've decided we're working again. There is a desire to romanticize the epic. Just wait for the script.

Q. Ranbir got sad because he couldn't go to Deepika's reception?

A. It was very bad for me. I shot from seven in the morning to four in the morning. Then there was some technical problem for which we were late. My clothes were made but I couldn't go! I told Deepika and Ranbir the message & # 39; Sari & # 39 ;. On their first wedding day, I kept up to date.

Q & # 39; Under Sanju, Ranbir (Kapoor) said, he learned a lot from you. What have you learned from him?

A. I've seen very few cold-headed actors like Ranbir. Her eyes are very honest and straightforward. And works very well. I see Ranbir in the set. I'm a big fan of his work!

Q. With Nitu Singh and Rishi Kapoor, many of your images are seen in social media. How is your relationship with them?

A. Both are very large artists. Ranbir received his childhood out of the attitudes of his mother. Nituji is my best friend. And I just want to speak for Rishi Kapoor, he is unique!

Q. Kangana Ranaut commented that you did not call or call her & # 39; Monikarnika & # 39; But Raji wanted to send his track by sending a trailer and he was also through it. What to say

A. I hope Kangana is not angry with me. I've seen very little personality like him. Very brave If I'm sad in any way, I apologize to him personally. Consciously did nothing. I was busy shooting, I didn't want to put anyone up.

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