Saturday , November 28 2020

False licensees carry vehicle owner's law

Mujibul Haque Chunnu Most of the cars licensed by the fake licensee Jatiya party MP Mujibul Haque Chunnu said Tuesday that road accidents are happening all over the world, but traffic accidents appear to be slightly higher in Bangladesh. Recently, this accident has increased so much so that many people are dying There is no one to see it. He also said in the 300 road transport and customs regulations, he said.

Referring to the World Health Organization's 2016 report, Mujibul Haque said: "25,000 people die in traffic accidents a year. 62 percent of our national highways have no signals. 38 lakh cars are registered, but licensed drivers are only 2 million. The remaining 18 Millions of cars are running? Some fake lenses. & # 39;

Claiming the Declaration in the 300 Road Transport and Building Materials Rules, said Mujibul Haque, who owns these cars? Many of those who implement the laws of these cars for which the necessary steps have not been taken here. What are you doing with it all and what is the decision?

Former Prime Minister Mujibul Haque said: "We sometimes see that our road transport minister does not go to the streets to see if there is a license for the baby. But road accidents happen. Panik has created horror. the?

Mujibul Haq said: "Last year, due to an accident due to an accident, students were walking across the city, including the city of Dhaka. The communication system was completely destroyed for a few days. At that time, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave 5 points instructions. To avoid traffic accidents Tell the Minister of Transport, what is the implementation of the prime minister's instructions, whether they will implement them and when to do so.

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