Wednesday , October 27 2021

First time Hollywood superhero in the play: -803932 | The voice of the time


For the first time in Bangladesh, a Bengali drama was created with a Hollywood superhero character. For a brief period, Eid appears in this special & # 39; Avengers and the Great Luzer & # 39; drama, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Super Man and Flash.

The drama will be broadcast on NTV at. 18 on the sixth day of Eid (Saturday). This was written by SM Salahuddin and directed by the young creator Tanim Shahriar. The White Balance banner is produced by grass-fed media.

Niloy Alamgir and Tasanuwa Tisha have played two extraordinary key roles. Also present are Momena Chowdhury, Siam Nasir, Avid Raihan, Akhand Zahid.

Habagoba's scared boy, whether he is a cockroach, sees a dog and runs away. The road alone cannot be paved. He doesn't even have the courage to say the word of love far beyond his lover's hand. He once gained superhero power. Even then, he couldn't be brave. One by one, adversity comes to reality. This is how the comedy genre's romantic drama & # 39; Avengers and the Great Luzer & # 39 ;.

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