Thursday , February 25 2021

Girls in captivity with the speed of batting failure

Sports Disk: Four of the top rated batsmen, four in the four, are zero. Hence, it is understandable that the situation of batting Bangladesh's female cricket team is understandable. For that reason, in the second match of the World T20 World Cup in the second match, the tigers have lost seven wickets in the rainforest to England girls.
In the first innings at Strauss, St Lucia made 76 runs in 9 exercises. England scored 55 runs for 3 wickets in 9 exercises after the rain stopped playing. After the victory of the goal, 64 goals in 16 overs. English bowled the other 9 balls and played 3 balls.
Because the field was wet due to rain, the conditions in St. Lucia the previous day a little more useful for bowling. It is possible English In the opening, Shamima Sultana, Farzana Haque and Nigar Sultana have been dismissed before the scoreline was opened. But Ayesha Rahman, who fought with coffins, continued to fight in his throat. In the disaster, three were killed. Tried to turn back. But left-handed left hand sticks, Kirstie Gordon, returned to 39 runs. At that time, the tigers made 42 runs for 4 wickets. Then nobody could stand up for it. In the end, Jahanara Alam made 12 runs for one sex.
Salma Khatun took wickets in the first innings with the goal of giving England a low score. In the next case, the captain of Bangladesh returned to England's other opener But English did not suffer much of runs Andy Jones made an unbeaten 28 in 24, Natali Shiva 17 to 23 England easily wins because of it
Short points:
Bangladesh: 76/9 in 20 overs (Shamima 0, Ayesha 39, Farzana 0, Nigar 0, Rumana 10, Sanjida 0, Lata 5, Jahanara 12, Fahima 2, Salma 3 *, Kubra 2 *, Shevar 1/7, Shrabbasul 1/14, Smith 1/17, Gordon 3/16, Xlestone 1/20, Site 0/2).
England: (goal 16 overs) 64/3 in 9.3 overs (White 0, Beat 2, Jones 28 *, Shivar 23, Night 11 * Salma 3-0-17-2, Rumana 2-0-0 -0, Kubra 2 -0-13-1, Fahima 1-0-9-0, Jahanara 1-0-3-0).
Result: England won 7 wickets
Match Judge: Kirsty Gordon

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