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It is Abasal's property!

Abazal Hossain Accountant for the Department of Health, Abazal Hossain and his wife Rubina Khanam and their 15 close-ups / media / 2019/01/22 / 13250a45058a7a06fc03a5d07292629d-5c473d7217754.jpg Tmiyera launched drives several resources the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). This is particularly relevant daptaraguloya has sent letters to 17 people seeking funds agency.

According to ACC's results, Abjal has many assets in addition to its real estate resources. The Abjal couple made all these assets in the name of their relatives. So letters were sent to various departments seeking information on these assets. There is also information that Abjal's mother-in-law is trying to sell more real estate in her name. After receiving the information, the relevant documents have been requested in that department to seize them.

Those who have been asked for information are Abazal Hossain, his wife Rubina Khanam, son of Abazal Rulman Ahmed Rakib, daughter of daughter Anika Sultana Rupa and Adiba Sultana Rathi, father-in-law of Joynal Talukder, sister-in-law Rehana Begum, three brothers Rafiqul Islam , Rezaul Islam and Shariful Islam; Rumana, Ruma Khan and Lima Akhter, wife of three siblings; Two brothers Belayet Hossain and Liakat Hossain, wife of two brothers Jharna Akhter and Nasrin Akhtar Lucky

Among them, the ACC interrogated two brothers and three brothers from Abazal. These five also work in the Department of Health. Abazal's two brothers are Lab Attendant Belayet Hossain from Faridpur TB Hospital and Auditor Liaquat Hossain of the National Asthma Center. Three siblings are Rokibul Islam, head of the Health Department, High Level Assistant Rezaul Islam Bulbul and office assistant for Khulna Medical College Hospital Shariful Islam.

ACC sources said on Monday the ACC sent letters to the Capital Development Authority (RAJUK), Faridpur, Gopalganj, Gazipur and Dhaka district administrators, and those district registrars for information on 17 people's wealth information. In addition, ACC sources confirmed that ACC's investigating officer RAJUK chaired and Bangladesh Bank spoke to the relevant departments.

Earlier on January 22, the court decided to seize movable and immovable property at Abhazul Hossain and his wife Rubina Khan and freeze transactions and seize bank account transactions.

Right after the court decision, Gazette has been made by the BG press. The legal order reached the respective offices. Advertising is published in English daily Daily Sun and Bangla Daily Agrudh journal, according to the court order. Apart from this, a letter was sent to the Director General of the Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit on February 4, according to the source. In the letter Abhajal, his wife and relatives are asked to act according to the judgment in all bank accounts.

In the first light, the court ordered to freeze the movable and immovable property of Abazal Hossain and his wife Rubina Khan, but their bank accounts were not seized. Other transactions including withdrawal of money from these accounts from the bank are underway. After two weeks of legal order, there has been regular trading in the bank by Abazal Hossain, his wife Rubina Khanam and several other relatives. Rubina Khanam, owned by Rahman Trade International, through which public contractual labor bills were collected, they are also active and the transactions are ongoing. The posting of Abazal's own name and his relatives who questioned the ACC is also active. Until last Thursday, the information was found to be active.

Officials from these banks say they are unable to intervene due to lack of orders to send them. On condition not to disclose the names, some bank officials said they have no such order.

ACC then said letters were sent to the system to specify the details of the particular bank accounts specific to them. There is no room to withdraw money from there. If there is a bank account outside the ACC then there may be money from it. But after the court decision, the bank will take action against the couple if they release the couple's money.

ACC was more active after the report. Bangladesh Bank was again asked to take action to freeze the assets of the brutal couple and their employees. In this continuation, ACC sent new letters to the new information for the new information.

Accounting Officer of the Medical Education Branch of the Abazal Hossain Health Department. He was temporarily suspended for corruption allegations. His wife Rubina Khanam is a former stenographer at the Department of Health and Education in the Health and Human Resources Development Department. Now he is acting with the Department of Health as the owner of an organization called Rahman Trade International.

According to ACC data, the salary of Abhazal is 30 thousand. But in the Harriar brand car There are five houses in Uttara and his wife in Uttara. Another house is in Sydney, Australia. Apart from the capital there are at least 24 grounds and apartments in different areas of the country. There are many assets, including at home and abroad at home and abroad. The market value of these assets is more than Tk.

After questioning the couple on January 10, ACC interviewed Abulal after questioning him. Although Rubina Khanam was asked to appear before the court on January 17 for questioning, she applied for time. Previously, the ACC had banned Abazal and Rubina's foreign travel.

In light of the first light, it is known that Abajal Hossain's house in Faridpur. In 1992, after passing the higher secondary exam in the third division, he did not study. In 1995, he was temporarily associated with the office assistant post in the establishment of five medical colleges in the Health Department on the recommendation of Health Minister Chowdhury Kamal ibn Yusuf. When the project was transferred to the revenue department in 2000, he joined Faridpur Medical College as an office assistant. He was then transferred to the cashier's post at Comilla Medical College. In this continuation, he joined the current position. Although recently transferred to Satkhira, two months later, Abajal returned to Dhaka.

Abul Hossain's wife Rubina Khanam came to Comilla Medical College as a shorthand in the same project in 1998. After retirement in 2000, Rahman began trading in international trade called International Trade. The affected people said they established the company to do an exclusive business in the husband and wife's health department.

Although he became an office assistant or clerk, Abazal Hossain quickly became strong in the Health Department. However, according to the information provided by the people concerned, she was just as influential in all years, even though GDP was designated by the administration. Abjal did things like recruiting, trading, offering, contract checking, working to lift the bill without working. The complaints from officials and employees of the health department have raised huge profits through this.

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