Monday , November 30 2020

Jhelum Prison: Now the prosecutor's trial is ACC

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) now accuses Abu Selak of making a scarf worthless jewelry worth Tk. 18 crore in Sonali Bank.

ACC Commissioner AFM Aminul Islam told journalists in his office, "Abu Salek used to work in the NID project (Electoral Commission). Therefore, it was easy to deceive him, and he got a picture of the underground jhalaam, like him. the picture of Jahalum in the bank account. "

If the Supreme Court determines that Jahalam is prepared to pay compensation, he said: "We will accept the decision the High Court will take to compensate."

UNBN report says – information minister Hasan Mahmud said yesterday that the incident of jahalam's prison period is very sad.

He said, "Unfortunately, without Jahalam, Jahalam has been tortured for three years."

He said this at an exchange meeting with director of the film director guild at the secretariat.

Jahalam was imprisoned in the corruption case instead of the original accused since February 2016. After the Supreme Court's order, he was released from Kashimpur Prison-2 in Gazipur on February 4 last year.

He was arrested in connection with money laundering from Sonali Bank, ACC filed the case. However, the main accused Abu Salak is still out of touch.

ACC Commissioner AFM Aminul Islam said, "There was no negligence on this incident. But when the case came to the announcement of the ACC, a report was submitted for the right to withdraw all charges against Jahalam."

On February 26 last year, the case first came to light and he began a further investigation.

He said: "In the further investigation, the money was discovered by Abu Selak with money laundering."

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