Friday , January 22 2021

Mancini's incredible victory over Aguero's record hat-trick

The second hat-trick in just three days, in Sergio Aguero's English Premier League, touched the highest hat-trick owner Alan Shearer touch. This Argentine star is now the owner of the highest number of 11 hats with Seierra in Premier League history. Chelsea's goal is to celebrate the goals of his team, Manchester City, on the day of his unique form.

On Sunday at Etihad Stadium, Chelsea won the incredible 6-0 victory over the Chelsea team, with current league players Manchester City Rahim Sterling scoring a few goals for the team. Another goalkeeper German midfielder Elkai Gindouwan From the beginning, the aggressive game City scored four goals within 25 minutes of the match. In the fourth minute, the English midfielder sent Stirling the ball with a strong shot. In the 13th minute of the match Sergio Aguero doubled the distance in the shot from 25 meters away.

The Argentine attacker's second goal came just five minutes later. Aguero defeats Chelsea goalkeeper on the left foot. City scored the fourth goal in 25 minutes of the match. When the Chelsea defender failed to clear the D box, Gindouen got the ball. He sent the ball into a strong shot from 22 meters away.

In the second half, in the 56th minute Dickens fired the sterling and won the penalty kick. Aguero did the hat trick with a penalty kick. The Argentine star made the third hat-trick this season with a hat-trick The fifth hat-trick in all the city Along with this, Liverpool's Mohammad Salahar was the highest score with 17 goals in this year's league. In the 80th minute this season he scored a personal twist in the Chelsea coffin and gave the last stitch to Sterling.

Mancity picked up the top of the league table with 65 points in 27 matches. Liverpool points in a match less than 65 But they have the second place in the round table.

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