Tuesday , May 11 2021

Miraj tells the story of fatigue with Mahmudullah

Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium is going on for the fourth day in the second Test of Bangladesh – Zimbabwe. In the second half, Captain Mahmudullah Riyad was seen in the 122-figure figure with three figures (100). Hundreds of thousands of viewers shouted. He began to celebrate with the centuries.

But Mehdi Miraj has doubled the source of the celebration. She also protested with Centurion Mahmudullah. The spectators in the gallery burst out in joy. Skrattrulle and press box. Today, on the fourth day of the match, before the journalists in front of the journalists in front of Mehedi Miraj spoke. And then the question was raised with Miraj's celebration.

Miraz said, "One thing has been seen in recent days, but our batsmen could not run. We had many receptions in this match. See, Mushfiqi's brother has two hundred, Mominul has made one hundred and more, then Riyad Bhai has made one hundred, Mithun Bhai Fifty fifty, I have also done fifty. I am very excited, the batsmen has returned to the race. So let's actually get into this happiness. It looks very good. with Riyad's brother. "

Miraz was happy to be happy. Testcricket really does not forget to swim Bangladesh He celebrated with Mahmudullah and lost the feeling of running in that test. Batting failure at the Bangladesh course in the first test of the two-test series, even in Bangladesh. Tigers count victory at the end of the fourth day in the second test in Dhaka. Mirazo is hopeful to win.

Miraz said at the end of the fourth day's match: "To date, the match is on our side. We gave the goal for 443 Almost Almighty." Two wickets fell. It's one day tomorrow. There are three sessions. So hope the bowlers can bowl a good place, then the game is definitely there for us. "

Although Miraz is happy, Tigers' highest order fails consistently. Even today, four wickets lose 25 runs. When asked about the failure of top orders, Miraj said: "Our top failed, but everyone tries very hard. The batsmen understands their mistakes, everyone has talked with the coach. Hope they will do well in front of you.

Bangladesh needs eight wickets to win. Zimbabwe needs 367 runs Tiger bowlers will get fast wickets tomorrow. Whether the serialists will face shame in losing the series to the Bangladesh hosts.

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