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Mithila marriage with the creator!

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10:38, March 18, 019

Mithila marriage with the creator!

Shreejit Mukherjee, who wants to produce different images from her own production company, has already told it. Now its production company is connected to a music video. Singer Arnab finds a new song music video.

This time it is said that Arnab took a lot of breaks from making new songs. I returned. He recently sang a song himself by arranging himself as an organizer. In this song video recording, Indrashish Roy, actress Rafiat Rashid Mithila with Anindya Chattopadhyay appeared. He is singer Arnab's cousin sister. His creation was created by the creator of this music video. But speaking to the director, Eklavya Chaudhary controls this music video.

Who is this monopoly? This name is from the four assistant directors in one place. Eklavya will also control the image in the future and think that the creators of the film have been created

About Mithila visiting the city of Calcutta, the director shows him around the city and also reports on the city. That is, the relationship between the two is not only stuck in the shooting room, it can be estimated. Meanwhile, the director's close mahale said he was thinking of getting married early next year. So the two are increasing speculation. In fact, Jaya Ahsan, another director of Dhalewed, also knew about the love relationship made by director Shyjit Mukherjee. Now Arneb's new song is waiting for him to come. See how high the entrance to Mithila with Sreejat is too.

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